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Vogue Reviews: The Alfred Sommier Hotel


Nestled at 20 Rue de l’Arcade in the vibrant Madeleine district of Paris, France.

Courtesy of The Alfred Sommier Hotel.

The Lowdown

Sitting between the sweet spots of the shopping high streets of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and the Galeries Lafayette, the Alfred Sommier Hotel welcomes you warmly as their own family guest. Owned by the esteemed Sommier family, renowned architect Joseph Lesoufaché designed the mansion with two interconnected buildings, a spacious courtyard, and a stunning back garden. Today, Richard de Warren de Rosanbo, a descendant of the family has transformed the mansion into a five-star hotel and has maintained to preserve the soul of the family mansion.

Courtesy of The Alfred Sommier Hotel.

Stylish Eats

Get a chance to eat with the Sommier family by reserving a table with Restaurant les Caryatides to dine with Richard de Warren de Rosanbo. The menu features culinary delights with touches of family tradition, such as Roasted Duckling and Salmon Gravlax with Beets and Potatoes. Adorned with Louis XV decor and adorned with portraits of the Sommier family, the restaurant exudes a sense of heritage and elegance.

Adjacent to the restaurant, a floor-to-ceiling antique mirror creates an atmosphere of ‘chiaroscuro’ in the bar area. Step through the bar’s doors to discover a serene garden, where, weather permitting, you can delight in your meal with the magnificent mansion as your backdrop.

Courtesy of The Alfred Sommier Hotel.

Suite Talk

With a total of 80 rooms and 17 suites, including the exquisite Paris Suite located atop the mansion, the Alfred Sommier Hotel offers a range of opulent accommodations. The Paris Suite boasts access to the 60 square meter Rooftop Paname, providing a breathtaking 360° aerial view of Paris. Each room is adorned with antique furnishings, featuring marble fireplaces, gilded mirrors, and oak floors. The bathrooms are elegantly tiled with marble, further enhancing the luxurious ambiance. Notably, the Alfred Sommier Suite is a standout choice, offering private balconies that bathe the golden interiors in natural sunlight.

Courtesy of The Alfred Sommier Hotel.

Insider’s Tip

Embrace the true essence of being a guest at the Alfred Sommier Hotel by exploring the notable landmarks nearby. Pay a visit to the Madeleine Church, the site of composer Chopin’s funeral, or attend a captivating performance at the renowned Opera Garnier. Within the hotel, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the intimate live concerts held every two months, as music holds great significance for the Sommier family. You can even admire the Pleyel piano, which has been passed down through generations and served as a cherished instrument by the Sommier children.

Courtesy of The Alfred Sommier Hotel.

Vogue Verdict

With its understated elegance and undeniable charisma, the Alfred Sommier Hotel effortlessly blends Parisian chic with historical elements, such as the busts and paintings showcasing the Sommier family legacy. Unlike typical five-star hotels, this extraordinary establishment places a paramount emphasis on family and culture. Offering a luxurious and intimate retreat in one of the world’s most captivating cities, the Alfred Sommier Hotel is a truly exceptional choice for a memorable stay.

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