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Vogue Reviews: Moxy NYC Lower East Side

Photo: Michael Kleinberg


Moxy Lower East Side, New York City

Photo: Michael Kleinberg

The Lowdown

Perched in the ultra-cool crossroads of Bowery and Broome Street, Moxy NYC Lower East Side is an eclectic trifecta of style, culture, and comfort. It’s a haven for those who yearn for a plethora of New York experiences while insisting on affordability, without sacrificing style or substance. Moxy Lower East Side provides seamless access to the city’s most iconic destinations, while continually evolving as the pulse of New York city’s ever-shifting gravity. Welcome to the heart of the action.

Photo: Michael Kleinberg

Suite Talk

Featuring interiors curated by Michaelis Boyd and the Rockwell Group, and guided by the architectural brilliance of Stonehill Taylor, the hotel’s design serves as a canvas that seamlessly harmonizes the Lower East Side’s rich social history with its dynamic energy. One of the standout gems of the hotel is the 7th floor Factory Loft, a trendy 546 sq. ft. hospitality suite that pays homage to Andy Warhol’s iconic studio. It features two stylish bedrooms with a chic decor of golden-bronze accents, and a vibrant Lower East Side mural. We recommend getting the Corner King, which offers a sneak peek of the city’s hustle. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the hotel grants guests a front-row seat to the Empire State Building’s nightly light show.

Photo: Michael Kleinberg

Iconic Eats

Sake No Hana keeps the party spirit of the 80s alive with a diverse menu of izakaya-style dishes, all infused with that unique New York pizzazz with grilled teppanyaki items, yakitori skewers, premium Wagyu beef, and inventive sushi rolls. If you prefer the outdoors, the terrace provides a panoramic view of iconic city landmarks with a full kitchen, perfect for hosting special events. Do yourself a favor and swing by during sunset – the views couldn’t get NYC-er.

Photo: Michael Kleinberg

Insider’s Tip

For the lovers of jazz and soul, wind your day down by cozying up indoors and tuning in to the rhythm of beautiful piano sets at Moxy’s Silver Lining Lounge.

Photo: Michael Kleinberg

Vogue Verdict:

Wake up in the city that never sleeps (without breaking your bank) with your stay at Moxy, Lower East side.

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