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Vogue Loves Saudi: Celebrate National Day With Our Special Instagram Filter

Shahad Salman, Saudi Arabia, vogue loves saudi, saudi national day

Saudi model and former Vogue Arabia cover star Shahad Salman tries the ‘Vogue Loves Saudi’ Instagram filter

Happy 90th Saudi National Day! In celebration, Vogue Arabia has launched a special Instagram filter, ‘Vogue Loves Saudi’ to help you show your Saudi pride while also starring on your very own Vogue cover: KSA edition. The filter frames your face with the Kingdom’s signature date palm in green as the unmistakable Vogue Arabia logo sits on top along with the words ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’, making the recreation of the viral #VogueChallenge that much easier.

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Proud Saudis will be thrilled to find the national emblem a part of the filter as well. In a distinctive white, the date palm and two crossed swords symbolizing justice take place below the eyes and can be switched to another look with a single tap on the screen. Upon tapping, the eyes are swiftly glammed-up with bold green eyeshadow on the lids, and lashes appear lengthened and volumized to complement the look. Consider it your instant makeover for all Saudi National Day pictures today as well as for any and all other occasions when you want to rep your country.

vogue loves saudi, saudi national day

Saudi stylist Aram Kabbani and entrepreneur Aisha Almamy try the ‘Vogue Loves Saudi’ filter

While the usual large-scale celebrations across the Kingdom will be missed due to the pandemic-related safety precautions, Saudi Arabians can come together virtually to tune into live streams of concerts performed by singers Amr Diab, Rashed Al Majed, Aseel Abu Bakr, Majid Al Mohandes, and more. The spirit of gifting remains alive as well as designers and brands introduce special pieces in shades of green to commemorate the National Day, which can be found in our curated edit here. Make sure to also look forward to our special issue dedicated to Saudi Arabia — its fashion, culture, and people — which will grace the stands in November 2020.

To try the Vogue Loves Saudi filter, head to Vogue Arabia’s Instagram page or click here

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