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The It Girls of Vogue Arabia so Far

Amina Muaddi photographed by Valentina Frugiuele for the debut issue of Vogue Arabia

Vogue Arabia’s It Girl feature is a monthly column that sheds a light on the most stylish Arab women in our region and beyond. Featuring a diverse lineup of accessories designers, models, actors, and influencers hailing from all points of the globe— including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Paris, and Amsterdam— the It Girl delves deep into the wardrobes of the Arabian beauties for an unfiltered look into their personal style. Scroll down to meet Vogue Arabia’s 9 It Girls through the archives:

Name: Amina Muaddi
Issue: March 2017
Best Quote: “Socks add edge to an outfit. If you have a Swarovski sandal and pair a cool sock with it, you can even wear it during the day.”
Photographed by: Valentina Frugiuele

Photo by Djinane AlSuwayeh for Vogue Arabia

Name: Shouq Al Marzouq
Issue: April 2017
Best Quote: “I started collecting fur coats when my mother stopped letting me borrow hers.”
Photographed by: Djinane AlSuwayeh

Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Vogue Arabia

Name: Yasmine Al Massri
Issue: May 2017
Best Quote: “When I fall in love with a character, I buy a piece that resembles what she’s wearing; Like Soad Hosny in Khali Balak min Zozo... everything she wore in that movie, I could see myself in.”
Photographed by: Melanie Acevedo

Ahlem Eyewear designer Ahlem Manai-Platt wearing a watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Photo by Dan Monick for Vogue Arabia

Name: Ahlem Manai-Platt
Issue: June 2017
Best Quote: “I’m very Parisian in my style sense, but it has become even more low-key since I moved to Venice Beach with my husband three years ago. It has a vibe that doesn’t live by brands or trends. I don’t wear tank tops or shorts, but I try to stick to nice pieces that are very subtle.”
Photographed by: Dan Monick

Sandra Mansour photographed by Sam Rawadi for Vogue Arabia, July/August

Name: Sandra Mansour
Issue: July/August 2017
Best Quote: “When I love something, I’ll buy it in many colors. I’m
a bit weird like that. I have several thin, Hermès cashmere-cotton sweaters in black, gray, and beige.”
Photographed by: Sam Rawadi

Courtesy of Sara Al Tamimi for Vogue Arabia

Name: Sara Al Tamimi
Issue: September 2017
Best Quote: “I love clothes more than anything else. More than jewelry, more than bags, and more than shoes.”
Photographed by: Courtesy of Sara Al Tamimi

Photo by Mox Santos for Vogue Arabia

Name: Maha Abdul
Issue: October 2017
Best Quote: “Some of my most memorable trips have involved shopping for vintage.”
Photographed by: Mox Santos

Photo by Aurélien Caoudal for Vogue Arabia

Name: Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco
Issue: November 2017
Best Quote: “My brand is all about words and I love wearing cotton. My cat’s name is even Cotton.”
Photographed by: Aurélien Caoudal

Courtesy of Oumayma El Boumeshouli for Vogue Arabia

Name: Oumayma El Boumeshouli
Issue: December 2017
Best Quote: “[The Balenciaga Bazar] reminds me of totes from Marrakech’s souks. Even if it’s not in-season, I will carry this, because I like wearing pieces that reflect my Moroccan roots.”
Photographed by: Courtesy of Oumayma El Boumeshouli

Courtesy of Sofia El Arabi

Name: Sofia El Arabi
Issue: March 2018
Best Quote: “In France, I dressed more classically. The weather didn’t make it easy for me to wear fancy dresses and special outfits. I always ended up throwing a coat over everything. When I moved back to Morocco, I had the luxury to wear what I wanted in terms of dresses and traditional pieces.”
Photographed by: Courtesy of Sofia El Arabi

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