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Vogue Arabia Editor in Chief Voices the Need to #StayHome

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading like wildfire, social distancing is a requirement from every person, from all walks of life. No world is immune — whether its the world of fashion, or entertainment, and as we all come to terms with it, we all must play our part by social distancing and driving the importance of staying home, home.

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Vogue Arabia Editor-in-Chief Manuel Arnaut recently made an appearance on national television through The Insider, to present the publication’s stand on the pandemic and to voice the need for staying in our homes at this time. “We are a publication with more than 125 years of history. We’ve survived world wars and other catastrophic events,” said Arnaut speaking to Sheema, the presenter. “Vogue is a magazine with the capacity to evolve and adjust to the times we are living in. Whether you love fashion or not, it is so important to stay home and be safe. I am honored to be a part of a corporation that uses its power to emphasize its message.”

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed the fashion world’s phenomenal response to the shortage of medical masks, and sanitary supplies brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. While designers are suffering from their own factories shutting down, many have managed to keep the lights on, just so they can assist in the mass-production of these antiviral supplies. “It makes me proud to be part of the fashion industry looking at the donations of brands such as Armani, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, LVMH, and see the sense of community that exists in the fashion industry,” said Arnaut.

“Fashion is much more than clothes. It’s about a sense of community.”

“One of the things that also makes me really proud is the fact that Vogue Arabia was the first Vogue worldwide to make its content free,” shared Arnaut referring to the digital version of the magazine which was made free to download, to ensure the people in isolation had the company of their favorite fashion magazine. “You can now download completely for free our third-anniversary March issue, and we will continue to offer free downloads of our publication.”

“I think that at this moment we really need to stand by our readers, we need to continue to inform, to entertain, and of course to make people dream.”

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