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#StayHome: Celebrities Join Vogue Arabia In The Fight Against Covid-19

Since the advent of Covid-19, life over the past 100 days has drastically changed for everyone across the globe. Routines have been modified and new rules have been made, but the one thing that has remained constant is the need to protect ourselves and those around us – and right now that means attaining permits to go outside when necessary and wearing gloves and a mask when you do. In a bid to help drive the message home, and as part of an ongoing #StayHome campaign, Vogue Arabia has taken to reimagining some of its most iconic covers from its three-year history with protective face masks.

“At Vogue Arabia, we want to instigate the message that we all should #StayHome and adopt the prescribed safety procedures so that we can all overcome this health crisis together, and more united than ever,” says Editor-in-Chief Manuel Arnaut. “Since the cover of the magazine is a key statement, we hope all our followers join us in this campaign.”

By showing our top cover stars – models, actors, and musicians – wearing face masks, Arnaut hopes it will help encourage others to follow the correct rules and procedures. Joining Arnaut in the message is a series of stars, including Afef, Farida Khelfa, Adriana Lima and Amel Bouchoucha, who have shared the reimagined covers on their social media platforms and reached out to their fans to stay safe and #StayHome.

Seeing the masks changing the very face of these headline-making covers, we hope that it encourages you to continue to abide by the rules and safety measures put in place by your country’s government for as long as it takes us to get through this pandemic together. For all Covid-19 health queries in the UAE, visit the Ministry of Health page. If you need to leave your abode, only do so if necessary, and don’t forget to apply for a quick permit first.

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