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How One Woman Took Vivel Patisserie’s Delicious Sweet Treats From Her Kitchen to the World

Photo: Courtesy of Vivel

Few things unite people quite like good food does. And one establishment that’s managed to blur the lines between flavor, festivities, and family, is Vivel, a patisserie that celebrates 30 years of sweet success this year. While many know a box of Vivel Patisserie the second they see one, few are aware of this brand’s journey. Today, we take you behind the scenes to discover the story behind the name.

Founder Shahnaz Bagherzadeh on how Vivel Patisserie took over the world

Founded back in 1993 by a family of Persian descent, Vivel Patisserie’s first years saw it running as a modest operation in Dubai. Founder Shahnaz Bagherzadeh, the matriarch of this family business, had just moved to the UAE from Iran due to the revolution, and Vivel was nothing more than a means to make ends meet. Bagherzadeh’s days would go by in a blur, starting with family chores, followed by cooking classes, and ending with late night cookie-baking sessions in her tiny kitchen to make orders.

As years ran on, Vivel Patisserie’s signature flavor and quality earned it a loyal fan following. The secret to its success may just be the fact that Bagherzadeh never stopped honing her skills, constantly studying and experimenting with recipes from the region to present something better each time. A strong focus on health has also always helped set Vivel’s desserts apart from the rest, leaning on less oil and sugar, and substituting them with healthier ingredients.


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Today, the patisserie boasts a network of seven stores across the United Arab Emirates. Outside of the country, Vivel Patisserie has homes everywhere, from Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, to Switzerland and Canada. What’s more, it has even found loyalists in US, China, France, and the UK, where its mouth-watering creations are now available through third-party and department stores.

So strong is Vivel Patisserie’s appeal today, that it was officially named one of the top ten patisseries in the world in 2015. Signature creations such as the Nocochi and Persian Zolobia, along with more traditional sweets such as Turkish Delight, ensure that Vivel Patisserie maintains a loyal customer base that can’t help but return for more.

Photo: Courtesy of Vivel

Shahnaz Bagherzadeh looks back on 30 years of Vivel Patisserie

“Reaching our 30th anniversary is a testament to the passion and commitment we have for the art of patisserie,” Bagherzadeh says. “We are excited about our expansion into new markets and remain dedicated to delivering the same exceptional quality and exquisite taste that has defined Vivel over the years.” While Bagherzadeh remains the visionary behind Vivel Patisserie, it is now her son, Ehsan Hosseini, who has taken the much-loved name to new heights. “As we look ahead, we are excited to welcome new customers and continue sharing our passion for patisserie,” he reveals. “The journey of Vivel is a celebration of our love for sweet creations, and we are grateful for the loyal customers who have been with us on this remarkable journey.”

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