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Victoria Beckham Calls on Fashion Industry to Better Support Black Lives Matter Movement


Victoria Beckham is the latest in a long list of celebrities to publicly speak out against the systemic and institutionalized racism that has been targeted toward the black community. Taking to Instagram on June 6, the world-renowned singer and designer posted a series of photos outlining her grief and devastation over recent events; namely the murder of 46-year old George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

Beginning with an acknowledgment of “the tragic events that have been highlighted recently,” Beckham notes that she has “taken a step back” and in learning more about the Black Lives Matter movement, is “truly sickened by how deeply ingrained racism is in our society.” Outlining her commitment to advocacy, she says “it’s clear that it’s each of our responsibilities to speak out and I want to use my platform for education, conversation and change.”

Beckham, who has enjoyed immense success from her fashion label also notes in her post that “the fashion industry has a huge role to play” in advocating for and implementing change. “I’ve always aimed for inclusivity, but we all need to look inwards and be better. At Victoria Beckham, we’ve set up an internal working group as a first step and will provide additional support to ensure that we are listening to each other, discussing the issues, identifying unconscious bias in ourselves and ensuring our short and long-term actions reflect all our learnings.”

Ending her post by saying that while things might not change immediately, she is “absolutely committed to being better and doing more, both personally and professionally,” Beckham puts out a call to action, asking her followers to share her sentiment and do the same with their friends, family, brands, and businesses. “We all play our part in this vital issue,” the post concludes.

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