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Starting January 2022, UAE’s Weekends will be on Saturday and Sunday


Photo: Sam Rawadi

According to brand new reports, the United Arab Emirates will move its weekend from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday from January 1, 2022 for federal government departments. The reasoning behind the switch is to help the UAE align its systems with those of international business communities across the globe.

However, the new work calendar will also keep in mind the importance of Fridays for residents of the nation. Instead of a five-day work week, reports suggest that the UAE will soon implement half days on Fridays, also allowing the public the option to work from home.

In light of the many lifestyle changes the world went through during the takeover of the Covid-19 pandemic, conversations around debuting shorter work weeks—and how that could positively impact mental health—have gained immense popularity around the globe. Iceland, which has already implemented the new schedule, seems to have already reported the change to be a huge success among its public. As for the UAE, the soon-to-be four-and-a-half-day week schedule will make the nation the very first in the world to do so.

Previously, the UAE moved its weekends from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday in May 2006. The move proved to be beneficial as Saturday then became a common day off for both, the home turf and international sectors. Given the data, it can be assumed that a Saturday-Sunday weekend, while still honoring the religious significance of Friday, will further aid the Emirates in reaching new heights of success.

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