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UAE Weather Update: What to Expect From the Severe Storm This Weekend

With news about the UAE weather taking a severe route this weekend, we take you through all the updates and safety precautions announced for the next few days.

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Between Friday, March 8, and Sunday, March 10, the UAE is expecting heavy downpour, as well as severe lightning and thunder. Some parts of the country may also be subject to hailstorms.

The news was revealed by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) and the Ministry of Interior and the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) on March 7, with the NCEMA spokesperson also explaining, “To ensure a proactive and effective response to severe weather, the Joint Assessment Team for Weather and Tropical Situations, led by NCEMA, held a series of meetings to monitor the low-pressure system expected to move through the country.”

While the UAE weather began getting cloudy on Thursday, March 7, rain, thunder and hail will reportedly peak between Friday night and Saturday evening. Rainfall is likely to continue on till Sunday in eastern and northern regions of the country, and will taper town by Sunday night, just in time for the new week. That being said, fog can be expected on Monday morning, so it’s important for all travelers to be prepared for possible vision-related issues while commuting.

UAE weather information is gathered carefully by experts with help from weather maps, data, satellite images and radar networks spread across all the emirates, elaborated Dr Mohammed Al Ibri, spokesperson of the NCM. “This comprehensive approach enables us to study and monitor the weather situation effectively, allowing us to issue the necessary reports and warnings regarding the upcoming weather conditions,” he said. “We call on community members not to be swayed by any rumours circulating about weather conditions and to obtain all information from official sources.”

To keep residents safe during the volatile weekend weather, police teams and members of the civil defence, ambulance, and rescue services will be on standby over the next three days, ready to respond to any emergencies. Those residing in the emirates at this time have also been advised to stay indoors when possible, avoid beaches and seafronts, and any areas where flash floods or hail are expected.

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