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It’s Official: UAE National Day Will Be Celebrated With a Three-Day Weekend

Photo: Courtesy Expo Dubai

National Day must just be one of the most highly anticipated occasions on the calendar for those in the UAE. The special day, which marks the anniversary of the formation of the country back in 1971, gives all a chance to step away from busy schedules and enjoy quality time with family, and celebrate the country and its countless achievements over the past 52 years.

Earlier this week, reports suggested that UAE residents would not be getting an extra days off for National Day, with the main day falling on December 2, which is a Saturday. However, new reports today have confirmed that 2023’s National Day celebrations will, in fact, span across three days, with Monday, December 4 serving as a public holiday. Employees who don’t work on Saturdays will be able to sign off from work on Friday, December 1, and return to work directly on Tuesday, December 5. Along with this, some sections of the public sector are also predicted to allow work from home for their employees on December 1.

National Day marks the final long break for 2023. The next long break isn’t too far away, though. Come December 31, residents of the UAE will be able to enjoy yet another long weekend, with Monday, January 1, 2024, also being a day off. To know which long breaks are coming your way in 2024, click here.

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