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The Must-See Dubai Photo Exhibit Using Fashion to Highlight “The Real Issue”

Moez Achour

Must-Have Jacket. “As of 2017, 65.6 million individuals have been forcibly displaced worldwide because of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations. A life jacket becomes a Must Have.” The Real Issue. Photo by and courtesy of Moez Achour

For two years, Tunisian fashion photographer Moez Achour has been conscientiously preparing for his soon-to-be revealed photo exhibition “The Real Issue,” in Dubai, and previewed here. Achour, who has been based in Dubai for seven years, working for clients like Bloomingdale’s, Harvey Nichols, Dior, and Chanel, explains that the photo project is about taking the codes and aesthetics of fashion to help raise awareness about different international issues like gun control, pollution, and refugees.

“As the second most polluting industry in the world, the fashion industry doesn’t take enough social responsibility,” he states. “The idea is to use the influence of the fashion aesthetic to tell a different story.” Leaning on satire, the majority of the visuals use the  “Must Have” term, acting as a parallel with the must-have content in fashion magazines.

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“As a fashion photographer,  I feel that we have a powerful tool that we can use in a different way, and raising awareness is one of them,” considers Achour. “Since I became a dad [to three-year-old daughter Aysha], I become more sensitive to the issues around me. I decided to try to help and make a positive impact with what I know best…taking pictures.”

Moez Achour

Shine Bright Like a Diamond. “Take a cue from this season’s runways, metallics are here to stay! Suffering from a traumatic experience? Shivering at the idea of a world of global wars and incessant self-destruction? We are, too. The difference is that we do it in a beautiful emergency blanket. Sit on that bit of pavement, and shine like the true fashion icon that you are.” The Real Issue. Photo by and courtesy of Moez Achour

Moez Achour

Must-Have Accessories. “Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV. Get your hands on a mask now!” Photo by and Courtesy of Moez Achour

The exhibition will be showcased at the members-only work space and social club Nasab later this month. On the choice location Moez adds, “To make a change, we have to start with ourselves and our community.” He does agree that Nasab shares the same values the exhibition aims to highlight. “It’s a plastic-free space, it is always aware of sustainability, either on via its design or even when curating members.” The Real Issue by Moez Achour. November 20th, Nasab

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