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Michèle Lamy: A Nomad at Home in the UAE

“Lamyland” by Michèle Lamy. Courtesy of Michèle Lamy

“The Tourist,” Originally published in the July/August 2017 issue of Vogue Arabia 

At first glance, Michèle Lamy – artist of Algerian descent, entrepreneur, and wife of Rick Owens – intimidates. Her tattooed fingers, bangled wrists, and golden grill hold your gaze. What is most gripping about her appearance, however, is her falcon-like stare – assured and unblinking. From her Paris base, where she drives various creative projects born from Owenscorp, her journeys to the UAE have become an annual affair; a cultural pilgrimage through time and space. She immerses herself in Art Dubai and Dubai Design Days, and visits the Sharjah Art Foundation and the camel tannery in Abu Dhabi to research materials for furniture collections. Somewhere in the middle, she travels deep into the desert. In the company of salukis, she is elusive.

Michèle Lamy

Michèle Lamy in the desert with a saluki. Courtesy Michèle Lamy

Michèle Lamy Dubai

Michèle Lamy watches salukis running in the desert. Courtesy Michèle Lamy

“I adventured into the desert, To find my Aladdin’s cave.
I surfed on dunes, glistening, mammoth. I found my oasis, stillness.
Perspectives exchanged.
A ‘whole new world!’ I know now.
A hundred thousand wonders to see.” -Michele Lamy

Michèle Lamy Dubai

Ahmed Abdelrahman of Thamanyah and Michèle Lamy in the UAE desert. Courtesy of Michèle Lamy

Looking out at the horizon with her friend Ahmed Abdelrahman, the Dubai-born designer behind Thamanyah, she is a nomad at home.

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