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This Saudi Arabian Student Now Has a Minor Planet Named After Him

Photo: Shutterstock

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has just honored a young Saudi Arabian student, Faisal Aldossary by naming a newly discovered minor planet after him. The asteroid will be called Aldossary 34559 since the student achieved scientific breakthroughs in his research on fabricating botanical hormones for agricultural applications.

This is NASA’s way of recognizing and appreciating the work of excellent students in the field of science at the Intel International Exhibit for Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). The UC Berkley student is the third talented Saudi student to be honored by NASA by having a planet named after them. In 2016, Abduljabbar Al-Houmoud and Fatima Al-Sheikh in 2017 won the same achievements for their presentation at the Intel ISEF.

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