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5 Cool Things You Really Need To Know About NEOM in Saudi

A centerpiece of Saudi Arabia‘s vision for 2030 and heralded as “the future of civilization”, NEOM is part of the Kingdom’s grand plan to grow and diversify the economy.

While kickstarted by Saudi Arabia, it is an international project that will be led, populated and funded by people from all over the world. Being built on the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea, NEOM is slated to be a “living laboratory”. It will be a hub for innovation, entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies, who will use NEOM as a base to research, incubate and commercialise new technologies. Literally translated to English as New Future, NEOM is described as a sustainable ecosystem designed to be a role model for the years to come. We look at some of the most interesting facts about this enigmatic project that you won’t believe are true:

Gateway To The World

The region is located at the crossroads of the world – 40% of the world’s population will be able to reach NEOM in less than four hours, and approximately 10% of the world’s trade already flows through the Red Sea. Flying into NEOM’s new airport, London is only five hours away, Dubai and Cairo two, and Zurich five-and-a-half.

Diverse Terrain For Nature Lovers

NEOM will boast of a 450km-long coastline with spectacular islands and coral reefs along with snow-topped mountains with a view of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea. If this isn’t enough, it will actually be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the GCC!

Transcending Nationalities And Religions

NEOM is described as a “mindset” on its official website. “Citizens of NEOM will embody an international ethos and embrace a culture of exploration, risk-taking and diversity – all supported by a progressive legal system compatible with international norms and conducive to economic growth,” the website shares. It will aim to be a community with a mix of homelands, religions and backgrounds, all living and collaborating towards a common goal.

Model For Urban Sustainability

A place that is focused on setting new standards for community health, environmental protection and the effective and productive use of technology. It is being designed, constructed and independently administered in a way that is freed from the outdated economic and environmental infrastructure that constrains other countries. And NEOM is ideally located to achieve these goals.

1 Million by 2030

While the population of NEOM will grow organically, NEOM is expected to be home to a million residents by 2030!

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