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5 Things to Know About Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Travel Partner Fai Khadra

Kylie Jenner, Fai Khadra

Kylie Jenner and Fai Khadra are recently seen in Paris together. Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner

This summer has been marked by a series of destination holidays for Kylie Jenner and her newest favorite travel partner Fai Khadra. From vacationing together with Jenner’s family at luxe Utah desert resort Amangiri to popping up with one another in Paris during the beauty mogul’s business trip this week, snaps of the pair traveling the world have been crowding our feeds the past few months. Although Khadra has been on our radar over the past few years, this most recent string of cameos begs the question: Who really is Fai Khadra?

With 1.4 million Instagram followers of his own, a diverse pool of successful creative interests, and a famous family to boot, read on for five things to know about this Arab multi-hyphenate as he continues making waves—and headlines—across the world with the Jenners by his side.

Regional roots

Although Khadra’s home base is now in California, he has roots all over the Middle East, from his proud Palestinian heritage to being born in Saudi Arabia and partly raised in Dubai. His interior decorator of a mother interior owns the Saudi lifestyle boutique The Art of Living and his father is an art collector who would often jet off between Paris and Riyadh.

Siblings in the spotlight

Even if Khadra is a man of mystery to you, it’s likely you’ve heard of his younger twin sisters: Fashion Week regulars and captivating DJ duo SimiHaze, who often spin at the industry’s hottest events around the world.

Top fashion model

Not only does Khadra frequently score front-row invites alongside Bella Hadid to a coveted lineup of fashion shows but he also stars in various high fashion campaigns including Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, and Bulgari. Most recently, Khadra was one of the faces of Burberry‘s free-spirited TB Summer Monogram series.

Kendall Jenner’s bestie

Although it may seem Khadra sprung up on social media just this summer, Khadra’s friendship with the Jenner sisters stretches long back—especially with Kendall. From attending Hailey & Justin Bieber’s wedding together, partying at Coachella side-by-side, and rocking matching Halloween costumes and Wimbledon ensembles, there has long been speculation that the two are dating but the relationship is strictly platonic according to Kendall with the reality star famously posting “we don’t date he’s just my date” on one Instagram occasion.

Man of many talents

In addition to modeling, Khadra is a jack-of-all-trades in creativity. Dabbling a bit in design this past winter, Khadra created a mini capsule of 100% recycled cotton t-shirts which quickly sold out after releasing under the site The Good Surplus. He was also the visionary behind a few concert stage sets last year. Although he previously released his own music on YouTube and SoundCloud, more recently Khadra has transitioned to a songwriter role, writing tracks for R&B musicians such as up-and-coming star Justine Skye. As an art enthusiast and photographer, Khadra channeled his creative passions during the pandemic to create a poster in support of UK-based healthcare nonprofit Barts Charity.

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