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The Most Talked About Theater Shows to Catch in Dubai This Month

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Theater, along with many other entertainment avenues in Dubai have been put on hold since the pandemic hit in early March. But as August slowly rolls in, Dubai opens its doors to tourists, and the economy takes a jump start with the re-opening up of malls and restaurants, it seems like it’s time for theater shows to be officially back in business. As live theater shows pop up again in Dubai, a select few performances are scheduled to take place this month. Here are our chosen must-sees:

Monday Night Theater: Film Noir Improvised

To celebrate their “murder-mystery” themed evenings – improv artists at The Courtyard Playhouse bring the 1950s film noir genre to life on stage using audience suggestions. From the old-school anti-heroes to damsels in distress, all characters and situations are made up on the spot each week – to the audience’s whim – and with no show ever repeated twice. It is quite the treat for those hungry for some laughter, excitement, and good old film noir melodrama.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

This internationally renowned play which premiered in the UK in 2011 has been described by the New York Times as “astonishingly original” and “a playful, enigmatic and haunting show”. It has also been translated into more than 25 languages and performed at least 1,000 times around the world.

Together Apart

In Together-Apart – a play set during the lockdown, two women stuck in a room together must navigate the vulnerability of the individual spaces they’ve created for themselves. A fitting theme for our current times, where we all struggle with the barriers and boundaries we’ve created in our co-habited spaces.

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