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Following The Fatal Ethiopian Airlines Crash, The UAE Has Issued Safety Bans

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Following the fatal Ethiopian Airways crash involving a Boeing 737-8 MAX on Sunday, in which all 157 people on board died, the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority issued a safety decision banning the operation of all Boeing 737 MAX models in the UAE airspace effective immediately and until further notice. Flydubai, the only UAE operator to use the 737 Max, grounded the plane as a precautionary measure aimed at protecting public safety in the air and on the ground. The UAE is the latest nation to ground the new Boeing aircraft. A number of airlines and countries have stopped operations of the fuel-efficient Boeing 737 Max model, including Oman, Kuwait, France, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed just six minutes after takeoff from Addis Abba on Sunday. While the reasons that led to the tragic accident are still unknown (the investigation is still underway), less than five-months-ago, the same model of airplane, operated by Lion Air, crashed off Indonesia just minutes after taking off, killing all 189 passengers and crew onboard.

The 200-seat Boeing 737 Max 8 has been a popular aircraft since it came on the market in 2017, with more than 4,000 planes ordered within the first six months. Boeing’s most popular craft, the vehicle is flown by multiple airlines around the world, including Flydubai, Royal Air Maroc, Ryanair, Jet Airways, and Turkish Airlines, which all have Maxes in their fleet.

But with two crashes involving the airplane in such a short time frame, many travelers are concerned over the aircraft’s safety. Those who have a trip coming up or are looking to book a holiday and wish to know what model of airplane they’ll be flying on can get this information from the airline. If you’ve already booked your tickets, your confirmation notification will have the type of aircraft used, usually next to the information on whether you’re flying economy, business, or first class.

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