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The Morning Show Season Four is Officially Under Way, and Will Explore ‘The World of Deepfakes and Ai’

The fourth instalment of hit star-studded Apple TV+ show The Morning Show is officially in production – Jennifer Aniston has even posted an announcement to Instagram.

The Morning Show

Photo: Courtesy The Morning Show

After a pretty dramatic end to season three, we are hungry for more ASAP.

Aniston’s post – which showed a cute picture of herself, co-star Reese Witherspoon and season three (and four) star and comedian Tig Notaro – read: “Let @themorningshow season 4 games begin. Here we come”.


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So what do we know about The Morning Show season four? Here’s a round-up of everything so far.

The Morning Show season 4 plot

While Apple TV+ has not confirmed an official plot synopsis yet (we’ll keep you updated when they do), several members of The Morning Show team have hinted at what’s to come.

Of course, Bradley’s future as a journalist hangs in the balance after she hid the fact that her brother was involved in the insurrection at the US Capitol, even though she had it on tape. Meanwhile, Alex is left to grapple with the merger that UBA were hit with last season.

Jennifer Aniston has commented on Alex’s “big move” and the fact that we will see “how gracefully she walks through that.” Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon also commented on her characters potential fate: “Everybody keeps asking me if Bradley’s in jail, but I don’t know if I’m in trouble,” she said at a Deadline event.

Showrunner Charlotte Stoudt has teased that both Deepfakes and AI will feature in the plot of the new season, keeping in line with the current news cycle and debate around both.

“We blew everything up last year with the biggest bomb we could possibly build,” she said at a Deadline event. “So, we have to ask ourselves how is the band going to get back together, and what will that look like? We get into the world of DeepFakes and AI and the misinformation in the fog of war that we’re seeing now in the Middle East and stuff. We’re looking at who can trust. And can you trust what you’re seeing? Can you trust yourself? Can you trust your news outlet?”

She added that she’d like to explore Alex and Chip (Mark Duplass)’s “platonic” relationship, which always seemed like a little bit more. “I don’t know how Chip and Alex got started, so I would like to hear that story,” Charlotte told Deadline. “I think because it is so fast-paced and breathless, you can always turn over another emotional card. And that’s one thing I really want to do this season.”

The Morning Show

Photo: Courtesy The Morning Show

The Morning Show season 4 cast

Of course, we know that Reese and Jennifer are returning as Bradley Jackson and Alex Levy respectively, alongside Billy Crudup, Greta Lee, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell and Karen Pittman.

Season three stars Nicole Beharie, Jon Hamm, Stephen Fry and, of course, Tig Notaro will also return. Jeremy Irons will portray Alex (Jennifer Anniston)’s father and Marion Cotillard will also join the cast as “‘Celine Dumont,’ a savvy operator from a storied European family”, according to Deadline.

The Morning Show season 4 release date

Seeing as production has only just started, it’s unlikely that it will be on our screens this year. Chip actor Mark Duplass has commented on the low likelihood of The Morning Show season four dropping before the US presidential election.

“My assumption is that we’re going to airing the show well after that election has happened,” Mark Duplass told Deadline. “So my instinct is that while The Morning Show does chase current events, and we have historically, in the past, with the #MeToo movement and Covid, and everything that happened with women’s rights in Season 3, I don’t know that the election is even possible to chase, just with the logistical timeline of it.”

The Morning Show season 4 trailer

We don’t have a trailer yet, but we’ll update this article as soon as that changes.

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