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The Flower Society Collaborates with Lebanese Artist Marwan Sahmarani on Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Gifts

Photo: Courtesy of The Flower Society

Lebanese entrepreneur Zoya Sakr’s The Flower Society is renowned for creating intimate and creative flower arrangements, expressing love and art throughout the region. Its new collaboration with Lebanese artist Marwan Sahmarani is no different. Art and nature have stood side by side, inspiring each other for centuries—from Monet’s Water Lilies to Van Gogh’s Starry Night, nature has captured the eyes of many great creatives. To treasure their synergy and bond, the floral platform has partnered with Marwan Sahmarani to create one-of-a-kind bespoke gifts for their breathtaking bouquets, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Marwan Sahmarani. Photo: Courtesy of The Flower Society

Taking inspiration from nature, the Beirut-born artist exhibits work in bright, colorful hues; infused with a dollop of sunshine. His creativity transports one to a bustling place filled with energy and life. In this collaboration, Sahmarani used his perception of nature and openness to add artistic depth to the curated limited-edition box. “When I began working on the box, of course, it was about nature,” he says. “As you see outside, I’m surrounded by trees, and a big part of my inspiration comes from nature. That’s why I was really interested when she [Zoya] told me about The Flower Society and to do packaging.” With 150 boxes available, Marwan used the brand’s grey color as a canvas for abstract floral forms, light strokes, and bursts of colors featuring reddish hues. “I went with the color of The Flower Society’s identity in a way so I tried to have warm gray in the painting,” he adds. “From here, you don’t know where it goes. This is the most interesting part when you fill the white of the painting, and after that, the painting is wide open to all kinds of change.” This nature-inspired art piece will be paired with bespoke floral assortments boasting a symphony of color for lucky receivers.

Photo: Courtesy of The Flower Society

The Flower Society’s dazzling assortments gift passionate sentiments to both the giver and the receiver, and Marwan’s paintings endure this sensation. “I have always admired his creations and paintings. There is a perfect synergy between us,” Sakr states. “He often draws inspiration from nature, and we see flowers portrayed in many of his artworks. I am proud to be collaborating with Marwan, the humble artist, and grateful for his time and talent dedicated to this project.”

This is not the first time The Flower Society has been inspired by the creatives of our region. The floral platform previously curated contemporary vases with acclaimed designer Nada Debs.

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