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2022’s Biggest Supermoon Will Light Up The UAE Sky Tonight

Photo: Unsplash

Everyone loves a catchy moon moniker, and tonight, July 13, the Earth will be as close as can be to the lunar body thanks to the upcoming supermoon. While this may be the third supermoon of this year, it is the biggest one so far, and is also referred to as the Buck Moon, as it lights up the sky with its radiating brightness.

People in the UAE can feast their eyes on this solar marvel from 6:07 pm onwards this evening. For those who have astronomical aspirations and fancy having a closer look at the supermoon, the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Dubai is also offering special aids that can now be registered for.

The Earth has been drawing itself towards the moon like an ancient tale for quite a few decades now. But this will be the closest it will ever get, with just 3,57,264 kilometers distance between itself and the moon from. While you are likely to still see the supermoon for the next few days to come, this distance will only be last a short moment.

The upcoming supermoon of July 13 may have tidal effects on our planet, causing variations in the ocean tides, both high and low. With that, it may be wise to adopt safety practices when heading out to the beach over the next few days.

What is a Supermoon?

Photo: Unsplash

Unfortunately, regardless of how big and bright the supermoon may appear, it doesn’t truly mean it’s gone bigger — it’s only an illusion emphasized due to its shorter distance. This phenomenon began with the first supermoon appearing in 1979. The term ‘supermoon’ is also another name for the Perigan full moon, which takes place when the moon is in the Earth’s closest proximity.

While the supermoon radiates elegance and beauty, it also comes with a hint of spirituality. In terms of spiritual denotations, as mentioned by astrologers, the supermoon is meant to bring an emphasis on your hidden emotions, ideas, and thoughts — all the things you shed light away from.

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