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Supermoon Returns to Illuminate the Skies for the Second Time in 2023

Photo: Unsplash

If you missed the luminescent supermoon that graced our skies on July 3 this year, get ready for another spectacular sight. On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, the supermoon is set to captivate once again, and the best part is, you won’t need a telescope to witness the magnificent full (or new) moon.

Supermoons decoded

A supermoon occurs when the full moon or new moon aligns closely with its perigee, the point in its orbit closest to Earth. During this celestial event, the moon might appear significantly larger than usual. Even though its surface luminance remains the same, this proximity makes the moon appear remarkably vivid than usual, glowing 30% brighter to those on Earth.

Does this affect us?

As the primary driver of Earth’s tides, the moon’s gravitational influence cannot be denied. While some media sources have speculated about links between supermoons and natural disasters, such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand, the scientific community has not reached a consensus on such connections.

Fun facts

– The closest and grandest supermoon of the 21st century is eagerly anticipated on December 6, 2052.

– It’s worth noting that “supermoon” is an astrological term and lacks a precise astronomical definition.

– On the opposite end of the spectrum, a “Micromoon” occurs when a full (or new) moon coincides with apogee, the moon’s farthest point from Earth.

Where to marvel at the Supermoon

To catch the full moon in all its glory, gaze eastward during dusk when it rises majestically, illuminating the sky to its fullest potential. While you won’t need any sophisticated equipment to enjoy this wonder, if you wish to behold the supermoon in all its splendor, head to the Dubai Astronomy Group at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center in Mushrif Park.

On the day of the event (August 1) from 7 pm to 9 pm, the astronomy group will host an educational session where you can learn about the phenomenon of supermoons and have your burning questions answered by professionals. The event will include naked-eye observations and telescope observations of the moon, along with tips on capturing stunning moon snaps using your smartphone.

When is the next supermoon?

As if one supermoon wasn’t enough, a second full moon, often called a Blue Moon, will grace the skies later in August. This rare event refers to two full moons occurring in a single month. According to astronomers, the August 30-31 supermoon will be the closest, largest, and brightest full supermoon of 2023.

Get ready to marvel at the wonders of the cosmos, and may the skies be clear to reveal nature’s celestial symphonies in all their glory!

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