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Stephenie Meyer Has Announced a New Book in the Twilight Series, Midnight Sun


Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series has finally announced her final novel, Midnight Sun. The new novel in the series of four vampire-themed fantasy romance ones will be a retelling of the best-selling series from the point of view of Edward Cullen, part brooding lead protagonist, part vampire.

“First of all, I hope that you and your families are all safe, healthy, and in a good place. That’s the main thing. Second, I’m happy to announce that Midnight Sun is finally (very close to) ready! And will be in bookstores on August 4th,” said Meyer in her recent announcement on her website. “Working on a book for more than thirteen years is a strange experience. I’m not the same person I was then,” she added. According to the publisher Little, Brown Young Readers, the story will delve into “an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of immortal love” and that Edward’s perspective is a “decidedly dark” one, though it will be published under the young adult imprint. “This unforgettable tale as told through Edward’s eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting beautiful, mysterious Bella is both the most intriguing and unnerving event he has experienced in his long life as a vampire,” said the publisher.

“I don’t know how everyone else is coping, but right now books are my main solace and happiest escape. Personally, I would be nothing but delighted if one of my favorite authors announced something new for me to read,” she said in a recent statement. “So, I hope this announcement gave you some pleasure and something fun to look forward to,” she added. The four-book Twilight saga published annually between 2005 and 2008 has sold more than 100m copies, with the five-film adaptation taking USD 3.3bn. Since its publication, Meyer has released a gender-swapped version of the story, Life and Death, in which Edward and Bella were replaced by Edythe Cullen and Beau Swan.

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