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A New Spice Girls Documentary to Spice Up Our Lives

Nearly 25 years since the debut of their hit single Wannabe, a new documentary chronicling the lives and legacies of Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham, and Geri Halliwell, better known as the Spice Girls, is coming soon to Channel 4. Taking to Twitter on July 13, the British television network announced that the documentary, titled Girl Powered: The Spice Girls will tell the complete story of the world-renowned band, through “archived footage and revealing interviews.”

Helming the film will be British directing duo, Rob Coldstream and Clare Cameron, who also worked together on the 2019 hit series, Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain; a docu-series about British television personality Jade Goody. While it is reported that Coldstream and Cameron will have plenty of archival footage to work with, whether or not the group will be involved is yet to be determined.

With myriad attempts made to digitally immortalize the group over the years, the upcoming documentary will be the first to come to fruition. Last year, an animated film produced by the band’s former manager, Simon Fuller, and backed by American film studio Paramount was said to be in the works. Reportedly based on an idea conceived by the group, the film was speculated to feature the voices of all five members alongside a plot in which they morphed into superheroes. However, there has been no further details released since the announcement in June 2019.

While a virtual archive of the band’s ground-breaking career is yet to exist, gallery exhibits such as Spiceworld: The Exhibition have garnered success across British museums, as a traveling memorabilia show featuring over 5000 collectibles including costumes, merchandise, and pop paraphernalia. Giving fans the opportunity to marvel at Mel B’s iconic leopard-print jumpsuit and Geri’s Union Jack Boots, the exhibit has traveled all across the UK, from London to Manchester.

Having parted ways in 2000, all five Spice Girls have continued to enjoy significant success in their personal lives and solo careers. With pursuits ranging from fashion to business, Beckham, Chisholm, Halliwell, Brown, and Bunton have each continued to embody the very values of female empowerment, independence, and hard work the world knew and loved them for during their reign as the iconic, incomparable Spice Girls.

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