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This New Culinary Experience in the Arabian Desert is a Worthy Addition to Your Bucket List

Courtesy of Sonara Camp

With just over a month to start counting down days for 2020, a new culinary experience has been unveiled near Dubai. The destination called Sonara Camp is situated in the middle of the Arabian desert in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Home to hundreds of gazelles and oryxes, the camp will be opening today – November 28 and it will provide guests with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The menu is curated by a world-class chef who is taking an East meets West approach in preparing a fusion of Arabic inspired dishes and classic French cuisine. Both meat lovers and vegans can expect the season’s most fresh ingredients to be used in their respective dishes. The experience doesn’t end here; there will be a range of activities hosted at the camp for all age groups in rotation every night starting with live music night and fire shows to a cinema where everyone can relax and enjoy an after-dinner movie along with refreshments. Children can also swing by the volleyball net and play around the camp.

An astronomer is also going to be available on-site for anyone feeling determined to know about the natural sciences and a falconer who will perform falconry. On the other side of the restaurant, on a sand dune, lies a lounge area where visitors can enjoy a sundowner or nightcap alongside supper. The planners of this unique experience have made a point to keep in mind the global climate change issues and have built the design of this camp to be eco-friendly. The entire experience of a person will be sustainable at the core of its ethos. The originators will also be sourcing ethical products and materials, embracing a zero-squander policy, and use solar energy.

Courtesy of Sonara Camp

Courtesy of Sonara Camp The price of this experience is AED 860 for adults and AED 380 for children which includes food and non-alcoholic beverages. Other refreshments can be purchased separately. The experience can be booked online at

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