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The 9 Best Soad Hosny Films to Watch on the Late Egyptian Actor’s Birthday

Soad Hosny

Today marks the birthday of the Cinderella of the Arab cinema, the late star Soad Hosny. We can’t determine the actor’s success with specific points. She was ahead of her generation in embracing everything new, combining elegance, beauty, and her good choice of roles. Hosny was not only a champion at nailing international fashion trends, but she was also an icon, often imitated by her generation.

Each time one watches her golden age films, they’re likely to find new inspiration in Hosny’s looks. The star wore dresses in different cuts, from long pieces and cocktail outfits in the simple feminine styles of the ’60s, to flattering tight pants and jumpsuits. She even carried off a series of various hats and a turban in one of her films. For her looks, she enlisted a special tailor and was able to show off new styles each time she made an appearance. Hosny was also keen on renewing her beauty looks, trying everything from black eyeliner, and effortless makeup, to long wavy locks, and short hair too. But her appeal went far beyond her looks. Over her career, Hosny also played many memorable roles on screen. Her range went from the role of a simple peasant girl, to that of a hardworking woman, an elegant lady, a student, and many other diverse characters that influenced Arab cinema and earned Soad Hosny a spot in people’s hearts till now.

To pay tribute to the late star, Vogue Arabia highlights the most important roles of this exceptional actor,f and looks back at the prominent characters she played.

Khalli Balak Min Zouzou (Watch Out For Zouzou)

Ghoroub wa Shorouq (Sunset and Sunrise)

Mawed Fi Al Burj (A Date in the Tower)

Aelat Zizi (Zizi’s Family)

Saghira Ala Al Hob (Too Young To Love)

Ishaat Hob (Love Rumor)

Al Zoja Al Thaniya (The Second Wife)

Lilrijal Faqat (For Men Only)

Al Karnak

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