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Simone Ashley Defends Bridgerton Co-Star Nicola Coughlan Following Body-Shaming

Simone Ashley has words for those body-shaming her Bridgerton co-star Nicola Coughlan, and has come to her defense in a new interview.

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Following Bridgerton Season 3 led by Nicola Coughlan, the actor has been on the receiving end of body-shaming, which co-star Simone Ashley countered with praise at a recent festival. Speaking to media at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco, Ashley—who plays Kate Bridgerton née Sharma in the hit Netflix series—stood up for Coughlan and shut down the negative comments aimed at her.

“The haters are going to hate, and I think we can all relate to that, but I really don’t think that she’s allowing that to bother her,” Ashley shared at a press conference. “She has a strong and fruitful career and entire life ahead of her. And I really believe in her, as the world does as well.” Passing the Irish actor, Ashley commented, “I think Nicola is just absolutely flying. She is a gorgeous, strong, confident, intelligent woman, seeing her do this press tour and spread so much joy and inspiration to everyone — especially women — all over the world.” The British actor revealed that Coughlan is also a source of inspiration for her, adding, “She’s also a really kind human being, and I think that’s such a universal language that people can relate to.”


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Coughlan—who plays the Season 3 lead Penelope Featherington—was also asked to comment on the hate in the past, with a fan saying that she is “very brave for this role”. In response, Coughlan said that “women with her body type” don’t see themselves on screen enough. Speaking to LA Times, the actor also shared that the intimate scenes were entirely her choice, and was a perfect response to “all the conversation surrounding my body; it was amazingly empowering.”

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