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Here’s How You Can Meet the Stars of Arabian Cinema Tonight

Ali F. Mostafa, Nardine Farag, and Shereen Reda.

Ali F. Mostafa, Nardine Farag, and Amina Khalil.

With regional film festivals flourishing (El Gouna‘s recent second edition comes to mind), and an entire new market on the verge of breaking ground with the reopening of cinemas in Saudi Arabia, perhaps there has never been a better time to consider a career in Arab television and cinema. And who better to give an insight into the industry than two of the silver screen’s brightest stars?

Having found unprecedented success in their home countries, Emirati film director Ali F. Mostafa and Egyptian actor Amina Khalil will this week be at The Dubai Mall‘s Fashion Avenue to share their stories. Interviewed by MBC The Voice presenter Nardine Farag, the duo will reveal career anecdotes, red carpet tips, and future plans with the public on Friday, November 16. The event is part of the Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue, a 10-day calendar of events designed to celebrate The Dubai Mall’s 10th anniversary.

Amina Khalil is known to boast an exceptionally varied CV that most recently includes roles in 2017’s Sheikh Jackson, The Cell, and this year’s 122. The actor also has a number of successful TV series — such as an Egyptian adaptation of Spanish series Grand Hotel — under her belt, and is revered for her frankness, so expect some insightful soundbites during the discussion. “Yes, I’m not perfect,” wrote the star in a powerful Instagram post earlier this year. “Yes, I have love-handles or a muffin-top, or whatever it’s called nowadays. Accept who you are. And accept that we are all different. And accept that there will always be someone better walking that red carpet ahead of you. But what you should accept and truly be – is OK with that.”

Emirati director and producer Ali F. Mostafa burst onto the region’s cinema radar with his debut film, City of Life (2009), the United Arab Emirates’ first feature film. His most recent film, thriller The Worthy, premiered in London at the BFA London Film Festival and was released in February, 2017.

The Stars of Arabian Cinema will begin at 7pm on Friday, November 16, at the Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue main stage at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue. Spaces are limited and on a “first come, first served” basis. For more information about Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue, including a list of exclusive talks with celebrities and style icons, masterclasses from industry experts, and live performances, click here

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