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53 Pictures Taking You Inside Vogue Arabia’s Celebration of the September 2022 Issue Starring Sharon Stone

Photo: Hyku D

After launching Vogue Arabia’s September 2022 issue starring the iconic actor Sharon Stone, its resounding success and global recognition called for a celebration of its own. And so, the region’s fashion cognoscenti came together at Dubai’s L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon last night to revel in stunning style courtesy of the evening’s dress code, Arab designers.

In attendance were Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi, who was photographed in her homeland Tunisia with her two daughters for the issue, Karen and Andrea Wazen, Ruba Zarour, Deema Al Asadi, Enjy Kiwan, Mahira Abdelaziz, Nadya Hassan, Hadia Ghaleb, Layla Kardan, Anas Bukhash, Zainab Al-Eqabi, Cedric Haddad, and more. Creatives from the region, who are forever at the core of Vogue Arabia and spotlighted via our #BuyArabDesigners campaign were also represented at the evening by Rami Al Ali, whose creation was worn by Stone on a cover receiving more than one million Instagram views, Mariam Yeya of Mrs Keepa, Dima Ayad, Nadine Kanso, Reema Al Banna, Rula Galayani, Lama Jouni, and Basma Abu Ghazaleh.

As guests made their way into the ritzy venue decorated with charming arrangements by Go Flower, they were greeted by delectable canapés while DJ Karrouhat amplified the mood with tunes to dance the night away to. The host of the evening and Vogue Arabia editor-in-chief Manuel Arnaut welcomed everyone by sharing his gratitude with the creatives and advertisers for making the issue one of our most successful ones—both editorially, and commercially—to date. “With this cover of Sharon Stone, we had 164 global clippings of outlets talking about the magazine,” shared Arnaut.

The soirée continued as guests mingled over great food and conversation, while a life-size cover of our September 2022 issue served as the perfect backdrop to capture moments, making it an evening to remember.

Below, check out all the pictures from Vogue Arabia’s celebration of the September 2022 issue. 

Karen Wazen. Photo: Hyku D

Rym Saidi and Wissam Breidy. Photo: Hyku D

Manuel Arnaut and Dima Ayad. Photo: Hyku D

Enjy Kiwan and Rudolf Azzi. Photo: Hyku D

Ameni Esseibi. Photo: Hyku D

Rebekah Benet, Shashi Menon and Marcello Grasselli. Photo: Hyku D

Deema Al Asadi and Rana Hatem. Photo: Hyku D

Manuel Arnaut and Mahira Abdelaziz. Photo: Hyku D

Nathalie Mroue Hadia Ghaleb and guests. Photo: Hyku D

Mariam Yeya. Photo: Hyku D

Dr Azra and Khadija Al Bastaki. Photo: Hyku D

The venue for the evening, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Photo: Hyku D

Rami Al Ali, Nadine Kanso and Vladimir Sashkov. Photo: Hyku D

Rouba Zarour. Photo: Hyku D

Ahmed Rashwan. Photo: Hyku D

Christelle Fourzali. Photo: Hyku D

Cedric Haddad and Tatiana Malak. Photo: Hyku D

Caterina Minthe. Photo: Hyku D

Caroline Ganes. Photo: Hyku D

Benjamin Cercio, Ruth Bradley and Julien Soyez. Photo: Hyku D

Benjamin Cercio, and Pierre-Yves Wecxsteen. Photo: Hyku D

Bassam Moussa ,Dina Adlouni, Enjy Kiwan and Chadidja Barkat. Photo: Hyku D

Balakrishnan and Hala Hatem. Photo: Hyku D

Annabella Hilal, Houda Tohme and Sawsan Haber. Photo: Hyku D

Annabella Hilal and Manuel Arnaut. Photo: Hyku D

Amelie Delacour, Robin Langlais and Fanny Massoutre. Photo: Hyku D

Aisha, Jannat and Suresh Miranda with Manuel Arnaut. Photo: Hyku D

Cyntia Bsoussi and Yasmina Khoudja Al Midani. Photo: Hyku D

Manuel Arnaut, Jane Yun, Shashi Menon and Rana Hatem. Photo: Hyku D

Jonathan Maloy, Marie Capucine Maloy and Christian Daccache. Photo: Hyku D

Jeannine Yazbek and Amal Aoudi. Photo: Hyku D

Jane Yun and Shashi Menon. Photo: Hyku D

Hikmat Al Kaitoob and Jannat Miranda with guest. Photo: Hyku D

Manuel Arnaut and Amelie Delacour. Photo: Hyku D

Grace Sawabini and Imti Zemani. Photo: Hyku D

Ghada Gargash. Photo: Hyku D

Elisa Bruno and Caterina Ercoli. Photo: Hyku D

Dean Mascarenhas, Sam Allison, Mohammad Hazem Rezq and Hesham Rabea. Photo: Hyku D

Danica Zivkovic, Clarisse Khairallah, Rana Hatem and Rama Naser. Photo: Hyku D

Rym Saidi. Photo: Hyku D

Renata Joukadar and Ramzi Joukadar. Photo: Hyku D

Rebekah Bennett, Cyntia Bsoussi and Zina Khair. Photo: Hyku D

Razan Aboura and Dina Adlouni. Photo: Hyku D

Rami Al Ali and Rana Hatem, wearing Rami Al Ali. Photo: Hyku D

Pierre-Yves Wecxsteen, Linda Chikhi and Jihan Zakhem. Photo: Hyku D

Nathalie Khoury and Toufic Araman. Photo: Hyku D

Michela Simone, guest and Roula Ghalayini. Photo: Hyku D

Sabine Ghossein and Amal Aoudi.Photo: Hyku D

Yasmina Khoudja and Sarah Abdallah. Photo: Hyku D

Taylor Elizabeth. Photo: Hyku D

Spencer Wadama. Photo: Hyku D

Yasmeen Seif. Photo: Hyku D

Rym Saidi and Nisreen Shocair. Photo: Hyku D

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