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Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel’s New Music Video is an Antidote to Lockdown Blues

A still from Selena Gomez’s new video “Past Life”

Just when you thought the lockdown couldn’t make your favorite artists any more creative, Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel have taken quarantine music videos to a whole new level with their video for Daniel’s single Past Life.

Gomez and Daniel made their fans experience the trippiest “glitch” as the Instagram Live jam session turned into an aerial landscape journey across dimensions. Directed by Grammy-nominated filmmaking team Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the video starts with Gomez and Daniel singing to each other over Instagram Live. The visuals get really interesting when a micro close-up of Gomez singing pans into a beautiful CGI shot of mountains, valleys, and the raw beauty of nature — something we all seem to be craving for, after months of being in isolation. The collaboration is all about adding to Daniel’s melancholic R&B record from his debut studio album that was released earlier in March and reviving it with Gomez’s vocals.

The track also serves as the second single to Daniel’s debut studio album Nicotine, while it also follows Gomez’s latest single Boyfriend from her album Rare, which she released on the LP’s deluxe edition alongside bonus tracks She and Souvenir. Recently, the 27-year-old singer also invited her followers to join her on a tour of her home while showing glimpses into her new daily routine under lockdown in hopes it will inspire others to discover what will make them happy during this time. “I obviously know this is a hard time, and I just want to let everybody know who’s dealing with stuff that you’re not alone at all and we can get through this together,” she had said.

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