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How is Selena Gomez Keeping Busy at Home? Cooking, Podcasts, and SNL Reruns

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During a national period of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are dealing with a range of emotions, from boredom to fear, anxiety, and loneliness. Unfortunately, these all have a way of creeping in even when you know you’re privileged to be experiencing them in the first place from the comfort of home; although Zoom calls and group Netflix watches can help, many of us are still searching for ways to fill an as-yet-unspecified amount of alone time.

That’s why when Selena Gomez on Tuesday dropped a comprehensive list of what she’s been reading, watching, and listening to these days—along with an adorable picture of herself cooking—it felt like an unexpected gift:

Gomez’s list of movies runs the gamut from highbrow/challenging (Zodiac) to middlebrow/thoughtful (Election) and unbeatable guilty pleasure (Jennifer’s Body, the Megan Fox–led black comedy that I’m proud to admit I’ve seen upward of 15 times). In terms of TV shows, she’s catching up with recent hits like The Morning Show and Good Girls; charmingly enough, she’s also spending time watching old Saturday Night Live reruns.

Book-wise, Gomez recommends Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming, along with The Undocumented Americans, a brand-new book from Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, who was one of the first undocumented students to be accepted into Harvard. In terms of music, Gomez is grooving to everyone from Lauren Daigle to Roddy Ricch, and her podcast recommendations include Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s 10-part series, A New Earth.

As Monday bleeds into Tuesday and all the days start to feel sort of the same, it’s nice to know that celebrities like Gomez are keeping busy the same way we are: making mac and cheese, listening to podcasts, and allowing themselves the occasional filmic indulgence. (Truly, if you’ve never seen cheerleader heist Sugar & Spice, now’s the time.)

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