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Saudi Woman Makes History As First Female Commercial Pilot In The Kingdom

In the latest of many milestones for female empowerment in Saudi Arabia, Yasmeen Al Maimani has become the first woman to head a domestic flight in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She flies for Nesma Airlines, an airline that charters trips to Egypt as well as domestic flights in the region.

Al Maimani expressed her joy at her achievement on Instagram, captioning a picture of herself in the cockpit, “Elhamdullah achieved my dream today released as First Officer.”

This comes after a dry spell of several months where Al Maimani was unable to find jobs in aviation in the region, despite converting her US license to a Saudi one and logging over 300 flight hours.

“I have a government license, and I have all the requirements needed for the job, however, we did not get the opportunity to work. I knocked many doors for a job, but the refusal is still going on under the pretext that women’s jobs as female captain do not exist, even though there are training institutes on aviation and there are institutes in Jeddah and Dammam,” she said to Al Arabiya in 2018.

Al Maimani posted a picture of herself flying over Saudi Arabia on Instagram, to the hearty congratulations of her followers.

Saudi princess and ambassador to the United States Reema Bandar Al-Saud retweeted the news on Twitter, with local news organizations catching onto the story as well.

Here’s to a bright future for Saudi women!

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