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Saudi Poet Amal Alharbi Pens a Letter to Her Country’s Future with Montblanc’s Qalam Watani

Vogue Arabia, June 2022. Photo: Lina Mo

Quality, luxury, and tradition are at the essence of Montblanc’s timeless identity. Now, Saudi author and poet Amal Alharbi has embodied these very traits with a sincere letter dedicated to the future generations of the Kingdom, using Montblanc’s special edition Qalam Watani fountain pen. The meticulously designed Qalam Watani from Montblanc‘s latest collection translates to “the pen of my nation”, crafted with a translucent green and platinum cap, and proudly dedicated to the Arab world.

In line with Vogue Arabia’s Saudi issue, Alharbi explores sensitive and groundbreaking topics, with the goal of inspiring others through her written words. With every word written using Montblanc Qalam Watani, Alharbi poetically expresses the roots of art weaved within the history of the Arab nation.

Vogue Arabia, June 2022. Photo: Lina Mo

The pen encapsulates the spectacle of the Arab world through the distinctive Arabic architecture depicted on the pen’s platinum-coated cap. Qalam Watani aims to symbolize the societal challenges the next generations can confront and the positive change they can instill through meaningful artistic expression. Engraved on the top case of the intricately detailed fountain pen, is the inciting Arabic quote which translates to “the pen is the mail of the heart”.

Throughout history, the Arab world has been connected through powerful written words, telling the stories of ancestors, starting revolutions, and creating history. Montblanc is celebrating this medium of artistic expression by revolutionizing it for the modern patriot and continuing the iconic Arab tradition of using words as powerful tools of inspiration.

Vogue Arabia, June 2022. Photo: Lina Mo

With deep-green round cut emeralds and platinum rings, the Montblanc pen features a hand-crafted Au750/18k gold nib with a significant engraving of “hilaal” – the crescent moon and a star representing the beauty of the Arab region. As Alharbi writes to her people, the translucent green on the polished writing instrument illuminates reminiscence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Montblanc revolutionized the writing culture in 1906, and continues to push boundaries in high-caliber leather products and writing instruments. The iconic Montblanc emblem is now recognized as a symbol of timeless luxury, ultimate performance, and the pinnacle of quality. The brand continues to revolutionize luxury goods, through the addition of bold new shapes and elevated design details in their enhanced Meisterstück Leather Collection.

Vogue Arabia, June 2022. Photo: Lina Mo

The contemporary new designs for the collection’s leather pouch create a silhouette of the Montblanc mountain with a diagonal blue and black exterior. The polished nip-shaped zipper is made of vintage palladium while the pouch features smooth darkened black leather. Together, they aim to inspire one to open their heart on paper with the ultimate goal of inspiring another or like Alharbi, thereby empowering a nation.

The Qalam Watani is available to purchase at

Style: Suhailah Almamy
Production: Basamat Arabia
Local Producer: Aisha Almamy
Remote Producer: Rama Naser
Hair and Nails: Salon Mermaid
Makeup: Eilaf Sabbagh
Location: Ma’amora Palace, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

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