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Saudi Founding Day: 17 Inspiring Quotes and Messages from the Kingdom’s Key Women

Today marks Saudi Founding Day which commemorates the historical foundation of the First Saudi State in 1727 by Imam Muhammad bin Saud. On February 22, Saudi citizens come together to celebrate the unification of the Saudi regions and to cherish the solid roots and the cohesiveness, stability, and heritage of their Kingdom. On this occasion, we share with you the most inspiring quotes and meaningful messages for their country by key Saudi women as told to Vogue Arabia.

Lina Malaika

“I want the youth of today to know that it is all possible, you can do it all,”

Sarah Taibah

“I believe that Saudi Arabia is finally becoming more caught up with the world. Or, rather, that the world is finally becoming more caught up with us.”

HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud

“Whatever the future holds for the Kingdom, young Saudi women will be at the front of the line, integral to the process of shaping it. And that means, very soon, we will no longer refer to the ‘first’ Saudi woman this or the ‘first’ Saudi woman that – because the presence and contribution of Saudi women in every job, occupation, career, and sector will simply be commonplace and unremarkable. The time has come to be judged by our capabilities and accomplishments – and not by our gender.”

HRH Princess Lamia Bint Majed Saud AlSaud

“Seeing what’s happening around us, and how the world is functioning very fast. Changing everything quickly is a smart move, given that we have a tribal mentality and are very attached to tradition.”

HH Princess Noura bint Faisal Al Saud

“With more women traveling and becoming more exposed, I see Saudi women finding their own fashion sense. They are becoming more confident and bold in their fashion choices; and giving their own personal touch that is very Saudi – and I love that.”

Shahad Salman

“Before, I didn’t feel good about myself and I didn’t like the way I looked. I feel that now I, too, can inspire other girls from the region,”

Lulwah Al Homoud

“My dream is to see my country at the forefront of education, because it has all the components to get there,” she says. “My dream is to see my country at the forefront of the world.”

Safeya Binzagr

“Don’t stop, don’t let obstacles be an excuse to give up, If you have the will, you will. Hard work always pays off and pushes you to be in the beginning of the line.”

HRH Princess Basma bint Majid bin Abdul-Aziz AlSau

“It says a lot that Saudi women have reached the Olympics, and the clothing they were wearing was designed and created by women in their home country, celebrating their heritage. It’s a big message.”

Dr Laila AlBassam

“Tradition is imperative to the future of fashion because everything new must be inspired by something old, and tradition is a point of creation – the beginning and the foundation for anything novel.”

Sofana Dahlan

“Since my childhood, I have learned how to adapt and achieve a balance between the strict general social approach and the enlightened open-mindedness my family embraces,”

Arwa Al Banawi

“I started to dive into fashion from my room in Jeddah. I remember reading magazines and feeling a sense of liberation because it made me understand that there’s a big world out there. All I wanted to do was find my calling…”

Mishaal Ashemimry

“It was one of the greatest experiences for me to learn the breadth and depth of my abilities, even at a very young age.”

Aseel Al Hamad

“My role is to champion female drivers in the Kingdom, and channel their hopes and wishes to a governance level. It is my ultimate aim to become more involved in the KSA government and to be a figurehead for female empowerment in all its guises.”

Dalia Mubarak

“I have a voice that speaks to my generation, and always try — through my work or meetings — to be a source of inspiration for them. My cause is our empowerment because we represent half of society and are influential,”

Arwa AlAmmari

“Have a unique identity, as people want to see something different and interesting. Have a long-term vision and be persistent. The journey of creating a brand that has an influence is long – it won’t happen overnight.”

Yara Alhogbani

“I want to dedicate my time to helping any Saudi girl with a racket and a dream”

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