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Saudi Founding Day 2024 Brings a Three Day Holiday to the Kingdom

February 22 marks Saudi Founding Day 2024 — a moment of great pride for the Kingdom. Below, Vogue Arabia shares more details on the annual celebration, and the public holiday coming up for Saudi residents.


Vogue Arabia, December 2020. Photo: Hayat Osamah

Saudi Founding Day: What makes the date so special?

Back in 2022, King Salman announced a new public holiday in Saudi Arabia to honor the Kingdom’s foundation on February 22. Titled Founding Day, the occasion is separate from the annual National Day, which falls on September 22, and celebrates the rich history and heritage of Diriyah, the first establishment of Saudi Arabia. The emirate of Diriyah was founded in 1727 by Imam Mohammed bin Saud.

Saudi Founding Day 2024: Public holiday dates

For those residing in Saudi Arabia and working in the public and private sector, this year, Saudi Founding Day will bring a wonderful three day break, since February 22 is a Thursday, and the weekend in the Kingdom falls on Friday and Saturday. During the break, residents will be able to enjoy a series of celebratory events and festivities including exhibits appreciating traditional art, photo displays that share insights into the country’s heritage and history, and musical performances that celebrate the nation.

Saudi Founding Day 2024 celebrations

Over the past two years, Saudi Founding Day has also seen massive events like the Nejnaj, which took place in Jeddah, Dammam, Taif, Hail, Tabuk, Riyadh, Abha and Al Baha, and focused on the country’s achievements and growth in five major regions: central, northern, western, eastern, and southern Saudi Arabia. Upon entering each region, visitors were able to experience an immersive walk-through of each zone’s story via mini art exhibitions and narrations of true stories from the founding times. Saudi Founding Day is also celebrated online with the help of virtual historical exhibitions featuring paintings, written pieces and photos.

Saudi Founding Day is also celebrated with traditional majlis experiences, camel parades, and traditional A’arda dances. Residents and guests can also expect recitals with poets, and lots of incredible culinary experiences in the country’s many restaurants, all celebrating the unique flavors of the nation’s cuisine. In true Saudi fashion, the special day is also expected to be commemorated with fireworks and a spectacular drone show.

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