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Meet Saudi Arabia’s First Female DJ Ahead of Tonight’s Dakar Finale



Nouf Sufyani aka Cosmicat is Saudi Arabia’s first female DJ. She’ll be closing tonight’s epic Dakar race. Born in the Nineties and proudly having lived her entire life in Saudi, Sufyani recalls growing up with pop music before shifting towards R&B and hiphop. “As my understanding and appreciation of music developed and changed, so did my tastes,” she recalls. “I concluded that I really love all music and all sounds and I feel that the best representative of the union of all sounds, instruments, and flavors is electronic dance music and all its sub-genres,” she says. She specifically enjoys melodic house and melodic techno, which she creates and plays.

Sufyani first began DJing after graduating from dental school. “I had started working; I bought a DJ mixer online just for fun during my shift in the clinic,” she recalls. Her hobby grew as she experimented and interacted with her machine, researched for help online, studied other DJs and sought out tutorials. Come 2018 and she scored her first professional gig. “There’s no such thing as a ‘challenge,'” says Sufyani. “They are mostly little worries that live inside your head until you find a way to overcome them. For me, it was going into a very new field in my country and considering what to do regarding my job as a dentist and coming off as a bit of a social shock–or not being accepted,” she states.” She adds that setting foot in a male-dominated industry required that she do even more work than her counterparts in order to stand out as a professional DJ.

As for tonight’s Dakar closing ceremonies, Sufyani is tight-lipped, but Roshan Soomarchun, founder of Leap Creative Studio, responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies along with local partner Blink Experience–the two companies recently most recently collaborated for the MBS League 2019/20 Champions–reveals, “Our closing aims to be the Dakar Rally of live entertainment. As emotional, intense, and adrenaline-pumping as the race itself.” Read on for our QA with DJ Cosmicat below.

Describe your onstage persona.
I don’t really have one, I just get in the zone and enjoy the music and the energy from the people around me.

What are your career highlights so far?
I had the pleasure to be in MDL Beast music festival that had over 400,000 attendants and was the largest in the region. I have finally released my first EP with Yann Dulche titled “Dilemma.” It’s available for listening on all major music platforms. I also had a great time working with MBC as a host for Shabab Hub and got to host many of rising saudi young pioneers in all industries. Finally, I recently started my show “The Spaceship” on MDL Frequencies radio. Every episode, we feature two musicians with fresh sounds from around the world.

What gigs do you hope to play during 2021?
For the meantime, I just hope for everyone to stay safe and healthy, take their vaccine, and as soon as the world is safe again, we will celebrate around the world.

Who are some other Saudi or Arab female entertainers that you have your eye on?
I love Loulwa al Sharief a good jazz singer; birdperson, a new dj; also Summer Shesha and Sara Taibah who are in the film industry.

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