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Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day Embraces Dreams and Achievements in Line with Vision 2030

Photo: Saudi Arabia’s new identity for the 93rd National Day

September 23 marks 93 years since the Kingdom’s union, and this National Day is highly anticipated as it is set to celebrate under the slogan “We dream and achieve.” The phrase is a powerful reflection of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 blueprint, which encompasses sweeping economic, societal, and cultural reforms. The identity for the 93rd annual celebration, falling on September 23, was officially unveiled by GEA Chairman Turki Al-Sheikh, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

The chosen slogan not only echoes the ambitious Vision 2030, but also celebrates the dreams that have already materialized, transforming the nation for the better. The journey of progress is further commemorated through four songs: “Our Date 2030,” “Above the Clouds,” “Yes,” and “My Home Is Here.”

The core projects of National Day 93 identity include Diriyah Gate, Sindala, AlUla, The Line, AlSoudah Development, Sports Boulevard, King Salman Park, Shuaiba Solar Power Plant, electric cars, Astronaut Program, and The Cube. All government and private agencies are encouraged to incorporate this identity into their various activities.

Derived from Saudi Vision 2030’s most notable projects, the core elements of the identity emphasize improving the quality of human life, placing the well-being of the people at the forefront. The new design beautifully symbolizes the Kingdom’s youth, with a man and a woman at its center, surrounded by representations of different Saudi projects.

Annually, on September 23, Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day with grand festivities, including parades, concerts, and fireworks that light up the country. Citizens and residents enjoy a well-deserved day off work and school to mark this special occasion.

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