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Saudi Arabia Will Be Home to the Region’s Largest Waterpark

Photo: Courtesy of Qiddiya Investment Company

Saudi Arabia will introduce its very first water park at the entertainment megaproject of Qiddiya. Housing 22 rides and slides and breaking the record for the biggest in the region against Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, the mega-park will stretch for 252,000 square meters of land.

Qiddiya is one of the Kingdom’s upcoming projects alongside the popular theme park Six Flags as part of Vision 2030. The entertainment hub has already broken records with the Falcon’s Flight ride which is set to be the fastest in the world and Sirocco Tower, the world’s tallest drop-tower ride, and now, the waterpark will be its’ biggest addition to date.

Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood, board member and managing director at Qiddiya Investment Company stated, “The Qiddiya water theme park will be a year-round immersive family entertainment destination, the first of its kind and offering experiences that have never before been offered in Saudi.”

Photo: Courtesy of Qiddiya Investment Company

The park will have nine zones that are each named after local references of wildlife and nature such as Camel Rock and Viper Canyon. It also has plans in motion to reduce the amount of water used. Some rides will lessen water usage by 75% through the use of recycling. Moreover, decreased water pressure had been taken into consideration minimizing water evaporation by 50%. For the visitors who want a smooth landing after slides and rides, the park has also installed what they call a “run out” system whereby swimmers simply glide into shallower pools, thereby cutting water waste and offering a more gentle ride.

Enhancing the refreshing experience even further, seventeen food and beverage outlets will be available to visitors to recharge and explore the water park in all of its amusement. The giga-project of Qiddiya will welcome all water park and sports enthusiasts by also opening the park to large-scale sporting competitions in their facilities designated towards such events.

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