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Saudi’s Coolest Personalities Celebrate the Kingdom’s Majestic Fauna with Vogue Arabia

Vogue Arabia’s June 2024 issue is now out! Ever since 2018, the magazine has dedicated every June issue to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, spotlighting its many milestone moments, as well as its history, art, culture and more. This year, the Saudi issue celebrates the majestic fauna in the country, namely the Arabian camel and Arabian leopard.

To further amplify this month’s message, we have created a series of specialized postcards featuring some of the most noteworthy personalities of Saudi Arabia across fashion, beauty, films, food, and more. Together, these Saudi personalities are taking part in the #SaudiIssueChallenge, sharing their posters on social media along with a special message explaining what the country’s natural wonders mean to them. As we continue to keep an eye out for new posts, here’s a peek at some of the first few you need to check out.

Abeer Sinder

Saudi Issue

“What I appreciate most about Saudi’s natural wonders is the breathtaking diversity of Saudi Arabia’s landscapes, from serene deserts to lush mountains. It fills me with immense pride and I can’t wait for more people to experience the natural beauty and unique charm of our homeland.”

Lina Malaika

Saudi Issue

“What I appreciate most about Saudi’s natural wonders is how diverse and unique its terrains, plants and sea/wild life are. As Saudi Arabia is mainly known for its majestic deserts, you’d be pleasantly surprised to experience all the seasons spread across different parts of the country. As I live in Jeddah, my favorite element is definitely the Red Sea. Its crystal clear waters, virgin coral reefs and marine life are unlike any other aquatic location.And I highly appreciate the efforts and awareness that Saudi has put toward.”

 Lama Alakeel

Saudi Issue

Vogue Arabia’s annual Saudi issue is back! This year, the magazine celebrates the Kingdom’s incredible efforts to preserve and promote two of its most majestic animals: the Arabian leopard and the camel. What I love most about Saudi’s natural wonders is its incredible variety. You can explore so many different landscapes across the Kingdom, from vast deserts and towering mountains to beautiful coastal areas and valleys. This blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage makes Saudi Arabia a truly unique and fascinating place.”

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