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Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Minister Has Officially Launched an Online Platform for Pilgrims

Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, Saudi Arabia’s minister of Hajj and Umrah, has shared news of the official launch of Nusuk, an online platform for pilgrims which has been developed as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Pilgrim Experience Program. The platform, which is expected to help more than 30 million people, will reportedly offer more than 100 services that aim to aid pilgrims visiting the holy site, along with 75 services for businesses and 45 for individuals.

Being run in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism and the Saudi Tourism Authority, Nusuk involves 10,000+ names in the business sector, along with 25 government agencies, all of which come together to give travelers a seamless experience of Mecca. The online platform will also introduce pilgrims to each stage of performing Umrah, and shed light on Mecca and Medinah’s religious spaces. Along with that, it will allow visitors to plan their entire trip smoothly, and access health services, while also learning about new regulations.

The main aim of Nusuk is to also educate pilgrims about everything else Mecca and Madinah offer. During the Digital Government Conference that took place recently, Hajj and Umrah services adviser Ahmed Saleh Halabi explained that with the new platform, travelers will be made aware of all the other things they can do during their trip to Saudi Arabia while visiting for Umrah, instead of visiting solely for one purpose and leaving the Kingdom without experiencing more of it.


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