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Saudi Crown Prince Announces Largest Ever Project to Expand Quba Mosque, the First in Islamic History

Quba’ mosque at madinah the city of light was built by prophet Muhammad and the first mosque that was built in the history of islam

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has announced the expansion of Islam’s most notable mosque, Quba, located in Medina. Quba was the first mosque built under Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the year 1 AH (622 AD) and holds a special place in the history of Islam.

The place of worship is currently 5,035 square kilometers in size with plans to expand to 50,000 square meters, tenfold the size. Goals to have Quba reach a capacity of 66,000 worshipers are also in order, allowing for the accommodation of the largest number of mosque-goers. The project dubbed the “largest expansion in the history of the Quba mosque” seeks to add to the beauty of the mosque while maintaining its heritage and architectural beauty.


The goals in line with the expansion of Quba involve increasing visitor numbers by providing more space and further granting safety to worshippers. The project also aligns with the 2030 visions of the Kingdom that call for a better quality of life, introducing programs and advancements to develop public sectors and diversify its economy.

According to the official statement, there will also be 57 historical sites from wells, farms, orchards and linking three of the prophetic paths built alongside the generous expansion of Quba. There will also be a clearer road passage and security system designed to keep worshippers safe. “It is worth mentioning that Quba Mosque has been important in architecture and expansion throughout history, starting with the Prophet, Rashidi, Umayyad and Abbasid eras, and ending with the prosperous Saudi era,” reads the statement.


The Crown Prince also visited and prayed at the Quba mosque in Medina during his visit. Accompanied by Prince Faisal bin Salman and the Governor of Medina, the Crown Prince received scholars and prominent royals at Taiba Palace in Medina.

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