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Saudi Arabian Creatives Pen Special Messages to Share Their Pride and Wishes for the Kingdom

On Saudi National Day, some of the Kingdom’s most talented citizens share what makes them proud of their country.

Lulwah Al Homoud, artist

Photo: Hayat Osamah

We are living in a very important era that is pushing Saudi Arabia to be a center for art and culture in the region. I’m so proud to be a Saudi contributing to this sector.

Sawsan Al Bahiti, soprano

Photo: Mokhtar Chahine

I am proud of Saudi because Saudi is proud of its people. It believes in them and empowers them, and in return, we give back our best and make our country rise and shine even higher.

Nawal AlKhalawi, nutritional consultant

Saudi Arabia is flourishing and extending opportunities to its citizens to excel in every way—from Olympic sports to tech to women’s rights and everything in between, while still preserving our heartwarming culture and traditions. I’ve never witnessed a country and a people grow so much and elegantly embrace change in such a short timeframe. I’m so proud to be Saudi and I hope to be able to give back and show a fraction of my love and appreciation towards my homeland.

Rawan Kattoa, creative consultant and stylist 

Rawan Kattoa

Photo: Ahmed Salem & Alex Teuscher

Saudi is the reflection of pride. It’s the reflection of the deep routed culture that brings people together. Saudi is the past, the present, and the future. I am a proud Saudi woman.

Tamtam, singer

Photo: Muhammad Alothman

I’m proud to be part of a country that celebrates its heritage, and traditions, and encourages its people to pursue their ambitions. I’m so grateful to be a part of a community that is kind and welcoming. Every non-Saudi I’ve met who has been to the country or has met its people, says to me that they’ve never felt more welcome. I’m so proud of that and grateful to God for everything. الحمدلله

Amira Al Zuhair, model

Photo: Philipp Jelenska

I’m proud of the Saudi people, their creativity, and their endless talent. I’m proud to be a Saudi woman representing my community in the global fashion industry and to be a part of the flourishing Saudi creatives across the world.

Arwa Al Banawi, designer

Photo: Stavros Antypas

I’m proud of Saudi being authentic and embracing its culture truthfully and sharing with the world and personally. I’m also proud of the incredible achievements that happened so far.

Tasneem Al Sultan, photographer

Tasneem Alsultan’s self-portrait

While I’m happy to be visiting all the beautiful landscapes and witnessing many different events with my friends, the biggest topic that gives me the most pride is seeing how fast Saudi women are claiming their rights.

Amy Roko, comedian

Photo: Sam Rawadi

I’m living in the change, I’m living in strength and the love that people have for this great country. I’ll forever be proud.

Aram Kabbani, image consultant and stylist

Piaget, AlUla, Aram Kabbani, Saudi Arabia

Photo: Greg Adamski

We raise our heads to my country, on the 92nd National Day, with all pride and prestige, soaring in the sky of glory and success, praying to Allah the Almighty to protect the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the faithful HRH Crown Prince.

Atelier Hekayat, designers

Photo: Hayat Osamah

To the spirit of life and its sweet scents
To the inspiration of hope and the call of the future
To my country… All the memories. You are the love, you are the passion, tales told by mothers
A tale of a homeland… A tale of a bride… A tale of joy
We sacrifice our souls for you, my country
My country in the past and present, I loved you since my childhood… You are the smile of a lifetime
I didn’t know anyone but you as a fragrance for memory like yours, my country.

Norah Sahman, illustrator


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I’m proud to belong to such a culturally rich and diverse country that honors the past while paving the way to a bright future.

Nasiba Hafiz, designer

Photo: Fayad Fulani

The capacity to change and evolve.

Hayat Osamah, photographer

It’s home, it’s my people, it’s how we connect and share, and inspire.

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