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This Beirut-Born Restaurant Is Going The Extra Mile To Promote Healthy Eating


Beirut-born eatery SALATA recently turned three-years-old, and its success can be attributed to the owner’s vision and mission to promote healthy eating without compromising on taste. The restaurant, which now also has a home in Dubai, has already earn itself a special accolade—Deliveroo’s Best New Comer Award in the UAE.

Photo: Courtesy of Salata

Georges Bandar, founder and CEO of the restaurant, commits to delivering high-quality foods, freshly made from seasonal vegetables and fruits, sourced from local farmers. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who opt for more diet-conscious meals that also entail nutrient-rich and nourishing ingredients which are sourced locally. It’s exactly this buzz around healthy living, created through the work of fitness and food lovers, that led to the conception of SALATA.

Photo: Courtesy of Salata

Interestingly, the restaurant mines a lot of inspiration from Bandar’s own habits of healthy eating and exercising regularly. His passion for hand-picking ingredients at the local farmer’s market and experimenting with food is what led him to focus his attention on creating a food spot that packs a punch with taste, while still making a case for clean eating. If you’ve always had an experimental streak, there’s no missing out on SALATA’s flavorful treats, from power salads packed with superfoods to guiltless desserts. The most recent additions to the menu include açai, cauliflower and spirulina. Healthy iftar, anyone?

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