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Ramadan 2024 Series: The Full Guide for All Series, with Pictures and Showtimes

The Ramadan 2024 series have been among the key features of Ramadan for many years. We can’t forget the biggest stars and hit dramas every year. This year’s dramas are diverse and include more than 100 series from Lebanon, Syria, GCC and Egypt. Below is a list of the most important of them.

Ramadan 2024 Series Guide

Pictures of some of Ramadan 2024 series

The various Arabic dramas and series that are broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan undoubtedly hold a special place in the hearts of viewers. Every year, we wait for our stars to enrich the dramatic scene with different Arabic series. This year we have a long list of Egyptian, Gulf, Lebanese, and Syrian Arabic series to look forward to.


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Nadine Nassib Njeim’s 2024 is on the list of Levantine series for Ramadan 2024

Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim’s 2024 is at the forefront of the Lebanese series in Ramadan 2024, showing an exciting mix of suspense, thriller, action, and drama, along with romance. It is an extension of the character of Captain Sama, played by Nadine in 2020, but with a completely new context. The show stars Nadine Nassib Njeim, Mohamed Al Ahmad, and Carmen Lebbos. The series is written by Bilal Shahadat and directed by Philip Asmar. The 15 episode show will be aired on MBC Egypt and Shahid.


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Tim Hassan’s Taj is on the list of Levantine series for Ramadan 2024 series 

The TV show brings together a slew of stars including Tim Hassan, Bassam Kousa, Dogana Essa, and Farah Al-Dabiyat. In a dramatic setting, boxer Taj sticks to his national principles, which makes him vulnerable to losing people around him — but he insists on not giving up the values and morals that he grew up with. The show will be aired on MBC channels and Shahid.

Maguy Bou Ghosn’s A’ Amal is on the list of Levantine series for Ramadan 2024

A’ Amal is one of the most prominent Lebanese series this Ramadan 2024. The show focuses on the character of Yassar, played by Maguy Bou Ghosn, alongside Badih Abou Chakra, and Mehyar Khaddour. The romantic comedy has been written by Nadine Jaber, and directed by Rami Hanna.

Bassel Khaiat and Carmen Bsaibes’s Nazrat Hob

Combining suspense and romance, Nazrat Hob represents a new collaboration between two major stars: Syrian-born Bassel Khaiat and Lebanon’s Carmen Bsaibes, along with Michel Hourany and Heba Nour. Written by Rafi Wehbe and directed by Hossam Ali, the show will be aired on Rotana Khalejia, ART and New TV.

Al Nisyan starring Cyrine Abdel Nour and Qays Sheikh Najib

Cyrine Abdel Nour’s Al Nisyan deals with the issue of the presence of Syrians in Lebanon, highlighting several stories about various social issues. The series stars Cyrine Abdel Nour, Qays Sheikh Najib, Yorgo Chalhoub, Nada Abou Farhat, and Carole El Hajj, and is written by Shadi Kiwan.

Noqta Entaha starring Abed Fahed

According to the writer, Noqta Entaha (End Point) is an exciting 30-episode police show that will be aired daily during Ramadan 2024. The series was shot entirely in Lebanon, and stars Abed Fahed, Anas Tayara, Zeina Makki, and Adel Karam, and has been written by Fadi Hussein and directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz. The series revolves around a young Syrian man who decides to leave his homeland due to recent events and moves to Beirut, and focuses on the presence of refugees in Lebanon.

Bedoon Sabeq Enzar starring Asser Yassin and Aicha Ben Ahmed

The United Media Services’ official account on Facebook revealed a video recently, revealing a few scenes from Bedoon Sabeq Enzar (Without a Prior Notice), which stars Asser Yassin and Aicha Ben Ahmed. The series is scheduled to be aired as part of the Egyptian Ramadan 2024 series on the United Media Services’ screens and WATCH IT platform.

El-Atawla starring Ahmed El Saka and Tarek Lotfy

El-Atawla (The Heavyweights) brings together Ahmed El Saka, Tarek Lotfy, Bassem Samra, and Mai Kassab. It depicts the conflict between two brothers due to greed and jealousy; and the revenge that fills their hearts, leading to the destruction of a family and the imprisonment of one sibling. The show will be aired on MBC Egypt and Shahid.

Sodfa series starring Reham Haggag

This year, Reham Haggag stars in Sodfa with Essam El Sakka, Khaled El Sawy, and Salwa Khattab. The series revolves around Sodfa, an individual who carries a big secret and seeks to keep it from everyone — but her relationship with Mahran pushes her to reveal all, so he goes after her to find out the full truth. The series will air on the WATCH IT platform.

WATCH IT’s series Beit El Rifai starring Ameer Karara

The United Media Services released the official promo for Beit El Rifai starring Ameer Karara, which is scheduled to be aired this Ramadan. Directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, the promo reveals the conflicts among the siblings and relatives of the El Rifai house, over the inheritance and the family heads. The Egyptian series, which will be aired on WATCH IT and United Media Services channels, brings together A-list stars.

The long-awaited series El Hashashin starring Karim Abdel Aziz

Starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Myrna Nour El-Din and Ahmed Eid, the shooting of El Hashashin has finally been competed. It didn’t catch the series season of Ramadan 2023, and so joins this Ramadan’s season instead. The events in the show take place in a historical context — the 11th century — and revolve around the leader of the Order of Assassins (Hashashin), Hassan Al-Sabbah, and his leadership of the group that was famous for carrying out bloody assassinations of prominent figures at that era. The series is scheduled to be aired on WATCH IT channels.

Al-Kabir Awi 8 and the return of “Hadiya”

Ahmed Mekky’s Al-Kabir Awi (The Grand) will continue in the Egyptian Ramadan series season of 2024 for the eighth year in a row. The 30-episode show is expected to be part of the United Media Services’ series and stars Ahmed Mekky, Mohamed Sallam, Rahma Ahmed, Bayoumi Fouad, Mostafa Gharieb, Hesham Ismail, Samaa Ibrahem, Hussein Haggag, Hatem Salah, and a number of guests of honor, including Amina Khalil, Mohammad Tharwat, Mahmoud El Leithy, Safaa El Toukhy. It is written and directed by Ahmed El Gendy and produced by Synergy. The adventures of Al-Kabir, Johnny, and Hazlaum continue with new ideas.

Silat Rahim starring Yosra El Lozy and Asma Abulyazeid

Silat Rahim (Kinship Relationship) co-starring Eyad Nassar, Yosra El Lozy, Asma Abulyazeid, Mohamed Gomaa, Abed Anani, Nabil Nour El-Din, Heba Abdel-Ghani, Amr Al Qadi, Dalia Kholeif, Riam Kafarneh, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Mohamed ElDesoky, Safaa Galal, Batool El Haddad, Mohamed Al Sewisy, written by Mohamed Hisham Obia, directed by Tamer Nady, and produced by Sabah Media Corporation. It revolves around the issue of surrogacy between the lawful and the unlawful within an interesting social dramatic setting, where Eyad Nassar plays the character of Hossam, the anesthesiologist, who is married to Laila, the character played by Yosra El Lozy. The series will be aired on MBC channels and Shahid streaming Platform.

Sayed Al-Aqarib starring Ghada Abdelrazek

It seems that Aida will never live a happy life. After the murder of her brother, her life turns into hell with constant conflicts between her family and the Ghoul family. Ghada Abdelrazek’s Sayed Al-Aqarib (Scorpions Hunt) is one of the many Egyptian Ramadan 2024 series to look out for, in which the star returns to the role of a strong woman who fights those around her and doesn’t give up until she wins. The series is scheduled to be aired on United Media Services’ channels and WATCH IT platform.

Mostafa Shaban’s Al Moaallem is on the list of Egyptian series for Ramadan 2024

Al Moaallem (The Master) is one of the most important Ramadan 2024 Egyptian series that discusses a crucial social issue revolving around revenge and its negative impact on oneself and society. In the series, Hamed, a fishmonger, lives a peaceful and simple life with his family, until he finds himself in the middle of bitter battles with major market sellers. He either confronts them or will be ruined among the big players. The series is scheduled to be aired on WATCH IT platform.


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Rogena’s Serr Elahy is on the list of Egyptian social series for Ramadan 2024

Rogena shared the official poster for her new series, Serr Elahy (Divine Secret) which participates in the Egyptian Ramadan 2024 TV series. The show stars Rogena alongside Mai Selim and Mohamed Tharwat. It revolves around Nasra, played by Rogena who, after unbearable suffering, finds herself in an unenviable position, when her closest friend betrays her, so she seeks revenge.


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Dina El-Sherbiny’s series is on the list of Egyptian comedy TV shows for Ramadan 2024

Ramadan 2024 series include a distinguished list of stars and stories, like Kamel Al Addad (Full House), season two. The series returns to MBC and Shahid Platform in Ramadan 2024, and it is also scheduled to be aired on one of the United Media Services channels. As a promotion for the drama, Dina El-Sherbiny posted the promotional poster on her official social media accounts, with viewers greatly interacted with the post. Worth to mention, the series drew much attention last year. Making use of its success, the cast decided to make a second season, despite the absence of one the leading stars, Mustafa Darwish, who passed away several months ago.


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Nelly Karim’s series is on the list of Egyptian comedy TV shows for Ramadan 2024

Farawla (Strawberry) is Nelly Karim’s second experience in comedy after her success in 100 Wesh (100 Faces) in which she starred alongside Asser Yassin two years ago. In the Arabic TV show, Nelly plays the character of a doorman’s daughter, who tries to fight quackery, sorcery, and energy users and promoters through its events. She portrays the character of Farawla, a poor girl and daughter of a famous doorman in the Garden City area. Her mother is a “cup reader”, and through the events we find that Farawla has become a socialite through this idea.


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Yasmine Sabri stars in Ramadan 2024 drama series

Yasmine Sabri returns to Ramadan screens in 2024 with the Egyptian series Raheel (Departure). The series features many stars alongside Sabri including Ahmed Salah Hosny, Mohamed Kelany, Samaa Ibrahem, Hazem Samir, Ahmad Seyam, Mai El Kady, and Hagar El Sharnouby. Sabri portrays the character of a girl from a middle-class family who faces many situations in dramatic and thrilling settings. Although no airdates have been announced, we knew that the series will be available on Shahid Platform and WATCH IT platform.


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Saba Mubarak and Mohamed Shaheen’s series is a social one in Ramadan 2024

The digital platform WATCH IT released a poster for its latest original work Lahzet Ghadab (A Moment of Anger) which is scheduled to be aired this Ramadan 2024. Starring Saba Mubarak along with Mohamed Shaheen, Aly Kassem, and Nardine Farag. The stars are almost done with shooting. The series is a social drama in 15 episodes, and is set to be aired during Ramadan 2024 season on WATCH IT platform. The series is produced by Tarek El Ganainy’s TV Vision, and directed by Abdel Aziz Al-Najjar. The two heroes of the work have not yet announced the details of their roles; and the producer and director didn’t reveal the names of the rest of the crew as well. The platform also has not yet announced the airing schedule of Ramadan 2024 series, but we will update this article once announced.


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Mai Omar’s Ne’ama El Avocato series

The series is directed by Mai Omar’s husband, director Mohamed Sami, who also co-wrote the work alongside Mohab Tariq, The series is produced by Maha Selim. A large number of stars participate in the Ne’ama El Avocato TV show, including Mai Omar, Ahmed Zaher, Arwa Gouda, Samy Maghawry, Imad Ziadeh, Salwa Othman, Lubna Wans, Kamal Abu Rayya, Ghada Felfel, Ahmed Majed, Walaa Al Sharif and Mahmoud Gharib.

Mai plays a new role in the series, as she embodies the character of a lawyer named Ne’ama. Actor Ahmed Zaher published a group of pictures from behind the scenes of the series, in which he appeared with the actress, announcing the beginning of filming the work. The actor commented on his official account on Instagram, saying: “In the name of God, we trust in God. The first day of filming the series ‘Ne’ama El Avocato’. Wait for us in Ramadan 2024.” The Mai Omar series is one of the Egyptian Ramadan 2024 series that will be aired on Shahid and MBC channels.

Embratoriyat Meem is on the list of Ramadan 2024 series

Embratoriyat Meem is a series in which director Mohamed Salama brings together Khaled El Nabawy and Hala Shiha for her return to the screen after a long absence. But according to the great writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous’s first original novel, the hero was a man. Khaled El Nabawy was chosen to play the role presented by the Lady of the Arabic Screen, great late actress Faten Hamama. The series is scheduled to be aired in Ramadan 2024, and is produced by Aroma Studios.


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Salma Abu Deif stars Ramadan 2024 series for the first time

For the first time ever, Salma Abu Deif will play the lead role in a Ramadan series. You can now watch the official trailer of Aala Nesbet Moshahada (Highest Views), which will be aired on Shahid platform and MBC channels during Ramadan. In the trailer, Abu Deif is seen suffering from poverty. She and her sister come from a lower-class family and are trying to overcome this life through social media and TikTok videos.


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Lunch Box series starring Ghada Adel

Ghada Adel returns to Ramadan series through her role in Lunch Box, which brings her together with Jamila Awad and Mohamed Shaheen. It is a comedy drama that follows the lives of three housewives who try to find a solution to their problems. These ordinary women, who spend their days like anyone else on the street or in the supermarket, suddenly turn into a gang committing different crimes, all with the aim of preserving and defending their families.

Zouga Wahda La Takfee is on List of Ramadan 2024 Gulf Series

Zouga Wahda La Takfee (One Wife is Not Enough) is produced by Eagle Films, directed by the Bahraini director Ali Al-Ali, and written by the Kuwaiti author Heba Mishari Hamada, who has presented for the Gulf drama a number of popular works in recent years, including Selfie, season 2 in 2016, Dof’at Al Qahera in 2019, and Dekat Al-Eabid in 2023. The series brings together Kuwaiti actress Hoda Hussein and Egyptian actress Nour Al-Ghandour, after their great success in Min Share’ Al Haram which was aired in 2022, with participation of Egyptian stars including Ayten Amer and Majed Al-Masry, marking the latter’s debut in Gulf works. However, creators of the show denied any similarity between the events of the new Arab series and Inas El Deghedy’s Egyptian film One Woman is Not Enough, starring the late star Ahmed Zaki in 1990. The series will be aired on MBC channels and the Shahid platform.


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The Kuwaiti series Nehayat Forak

Kuwaiti artist Fatma Al-Tabbakh is embarking on a new adventure in drama world, revealing the details of her upcoming work in the Ramadan 2024 Gulf series, where she plays a different and exciting role with the director Husain Al Helaibi and the writer Noor Al-Badri. The events take place in an exciting social atmosphere, where Fatma presents the character of Semsema, a fortune-teller and a cat breeder, who shares others their concerns and provides them with support. Despite her charitable work, she faces special problems that make her live in a state of tension and ambiguity. A group of Gulf stars, from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, take part in the series, with a distinguished team of artists participating in the work including Ibrahim Al Harbi, Hamad Alomani, Fatma Al Tabbakh, Shoug Al Hadi, Bassem Abdel Amir, Ahmed Al Najjar, Fouz Al-Abdullah, Khaled Al Shaer, and Nour Al Sheikh, written by Noor Al Badri and directed by Husain Al Helaibi.

Kuwaiti series Qalam Rasas is on the list of Ramadan 2024 series

Qalam Rasas (Pencil) will be aired as part of the Ramadan 2024 Kuwaiti series. Starring a selection of stars, most notably Ibrahim Al Harbi, Sanaa Bakr Younis, Abeer Ahmed, Shaila Sabt, Hussein Al Haddad, Faisal Freed, and Mila Al Zahrani, written by Maryam Al-Qallaf, and directed by Abdullah Al-Turkmany. The series consists of 30 episodes, and takes place in the nineties. The writer’s message from this drama aims to emphasize the concept of correcting mistakes. Therefore, she chose a pencil which expresses giving a space to correct and amend. The series and its details carry an epic journey interspersed with exciting life experiences and complex conflicts.

The Saudi series Khoyout Al Maazeeb

The Khoyout Al Maazeeb series delves into the stories of the Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, that is famous for Bisht making industry. It goes back 60 years to look closely at the thriving stages of the Kingdom. The work spots the social relationships and human stories among those working in the “Hasawi Bisht” industry, up to late sixties when imported fabrics became widespread, young people turned more to education, lifestyle changed, and the industry gradually became less popular. The series is starred by Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr, Ibrahim Al-Hasawi, Reem Erhama, Faisal Al-Doukhi, Samir Al-Nasser, Saeed Quraish, Amal Al-Ramadan, and Lubna Bukhamseen, together with the young actress Mariam Hussein. The series is written by Hassan Al-Abdi, with the co-writers Abbas Al-Hayek, Dr. Mohammad Al-Bashir, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Dhabaan and Osama Al-Qass, under the supervision of Hana Al-Omair, and directed by Abdulaziz Al-Shalahei and Manaf Abdal.

The Saudi series Murdi wa Dahham is on the list of Ramadan 2024 Gulf Series

The Saudi series Murdi wa Dahham will be aired as part of Ramadan 2024 Saudi series. It is a comedy heritage work that tackles contemporary issues with a different comedic taste, discussing technology, AI, globalization, the Internet and other issues of today’s reality in an ancient era inside houses made of clay. A village was designed and built specifically to suit the events of the series. It revolves around the two friends Murdi (Abdel Nasser Darwish) and Dahham (Ahmed Al-Ounan), who are swindlers. On the other hand, we have the house of Bu Madi (Sultan Al-Faraj), Murdi and Murdya’s uncle, who lives with his daughter, Zalaim (Ghadeer Hassan), and her husband, Faraj (Ahmed Al-Najjar). According to the events, Murdi and Dahham find a new idea every day that they discuss with Murdya, and then they embark on implementing it, leading to many funny situations.
Starring Abdel Nasser Darwish, Ahmed Al-Ounan, Sultan Al-Faraj, Emirati artist Bilal Abdullah, Iman Faisal, Ali Al-Muhaini, Manal Al-Jarallah, Ahmed Al-Najjar, Ghadeer Hassan, and Fatma Al-Tabbakh, the episodes of the series were written by a workshop consisting of 5 writers, and directed by Abdullah Al-Arak.

Sekket Safar, Season 3

After the remarkable success of seasons 1 and 2, Sekket Safar returns with a new season. It is a comedy work that will be presented as part of Ramadan 2024 Gulf series. The series stars Saad Abdel Aziz, Mohammad El-Shehri, and Saleh Abu Amra, and directed and written by Aws Al-Sharqi and Abdullah Al-Waleed. It is a comedy that revolves around 3 brothers who go through many comic situations and ironies, and endless daily adventures.

Mint Rayq is on the list of Ramadan 2024 Gulf series

The Emirati series Mint Rayq will be aired as part of Ramadan 2024 Gulf series. It explores many social, family and marital issues that touch people concerns in the Arab world in a social comedy template. The series marks the return of the Emirati director Nahla Al-Fahad after being 5 years away from directing dramas. The series draws on a group of youth in the leading roles, bringing together Heba Al-Durri, Shaila Sabt, Abdulaziz Al-Nassar, Shaymaa Sulaiman, Maram Al-Bloushi, and Fahed Al-Bannai, and written by Mona Al-Noofli.

Ramadan 2024 TV Series

Mathaf Yeddi series

Mathaf Yeddi series

Written by Mariam Naseer and directed by Ali Bader Reda, starring Fouz Alshatti, Yaqoub Abdullah, and Abdulaziz Al Nassar, the series brings together drama and emotion, with participation of Bader Al Shuaibi, Fahad Alsaleh, and Rahaf Mohammed.

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