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Ralph Masri in Conversation with his Cat. Read His #NewNormal on Lockdown in Beirut

Ralph Masri

Lebanese jeweler Ralph Masri and his cat Zouzou, both on lockdown in Beirut. Courtesy Ralph Masri

Beirut was one of the first cities to go under complete and total mandatory lockdown on March 15th. “No one is allowed out of the house, not even to go to work. All businesses are closed with the exception of supermarkets and pharmacies,” writes Lebanese fine jeweler Ralph Masri. It’s not evident to maintain moral, especially considering the country’s economy has already been suffering for months due to the revolution.

“Zouzou, has been my saving grace and entertainment throughout this nightmare,” writes Masri. The three-year-old Himalayan cat was adopted a year ago after Masri spotted an ad on Instagram. “He had been given away twice before me because he’s too aloof and distant (and borderline evil) – the very reasons I love him; like father like son. He’s good company and since he moved in, he’s brought really nice and positive vibes.” The self-proclaimed “not a cat person,” shares a feline conversation offering a quirky insight into life on lockdown in Beirut.

Ralph Masri cat

Ralph Masri’s adopted Himalayan cat Zouzou.

ZOUZOU: Why are you home all the time now? Don’t you have a job?
RALPH MASRI: I don’t like it any more than you do – we’re under mandatory lockdown for a few weeks. Although I’m happy to be spending quality time with you…

Great. I need my 19 hours beauty sleep so don’t get in my way and we’re good. What are you doing with your day?
Well, between feeding you, cleaning your litter, brushing you 26 times a day, getting attacked, and then ignored by you and removing your hairs from all my clothes that’s already most of the day gone. With whatever time I have left, I cook a few meals and try to design new pieces. And I binge watch Succession!

Speaking of food, I’ve doubled in size since you adopted me a year ago. Can you stop overfeeding me? Thanks!
I’m a Lebanese parent, I can’t help it. Maybe if you moved around a little instead of sleeping 90% of the time, you’d be more fit? Laziest cat I’ve ever seen (but I love you).

I told you I needed my beauty sleep. Am I your muse?
You’re my muse and my role-model. I can only aspire to such nonchalance and I’ve yet to find a sapphire that matches the beauty of your ocean-blue eyes…

Sucking up won’t get you more attention from me. Why does Céline Dion get to wear your jewelry and not me? When am I getting my own tiara?
When you become a global superstar we can have that conversation.

Ralph Masri

Céline Dion wearing Ralph Masri earrings, featured below.

Ralph Masri

Ralph Masri Phoenician Script earrings in 18kt white gold and diamonds. Courtesy Ralph Masri

Why not? Let’s face it, no one is going to stores for a long time and we could use the extra income…
They can still shop online at Ounass and Moda Operandi.

You suck. We can at least both agree that I am far more beautiful and interesting than Choupette, right?
That I can agree with.

Thank you. Your favorite read?
Vogue Arabia, duh!

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