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HM Queen Rania Touts the Importance of Preserving Arabic Cuisine

Queen Rania, Fashion for Relief

HM Queen Rania. Photo: Instagram/@queenrania

Queen Rania recently took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the importance of home-cooked meals, and the role they play in teaching families about their heritage. The post followed her meeting with the founder of Bilforon; a Jordan-based catering app that connects home-chefs with customers. Sharing personal anecdotes from her own family, the Jordanian Royal expressed recognition and praise for the “talented cooks” at Bilforon, saying that the work they do helps families stay connected to “the Arabic kitchen.”

Posting a candid photo from the day to her official Instagram page, Her Majesty wrote, “couldn’t get enough of my conversation today with the talented cooks working with Bilforon – and I can’t wait to try their dishes!” The post, written both in English and Arabic continues, “hats off to the team behind this innovative app making it easy for women to market and sell their delicious homemade meals online.”

Also posting to her Instagram Stories, Queen Rania further explored the concept of using food as a tool to preserve culture and heritage. “I always like for my children to see an Arabic dish on the table,” she said. Revealing that the first thing her children want upon returning from university is mansaf; a traditional dish made of cooked lamb, served with rice or bulgur, the Jordanian Royal thanked workers at Bilforon for their efforts, saying that the work they’re doing is helping Arab families stay connected to the Arabic, and in particular, Jordanian kitchen.

Boasting an expansive offering in addition to delivering home-cooked meals, Bilforon also stocks home-made produce, such as jams, pickles, and pasta, and since the onset of Covid-19, have also worked with supermarkets across the city to ensure residents can order groceries while adhering to stay-at-home orders. The app, which was launched in 2016 by Mohammad Albattikh comprises over 200 cooks and caters to both large-scale and individual orders.

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