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Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Favorite Travel Spots, On-Flight Routine, and More


Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a well-traveled celebrity, with her back-and-forth between her two homes, Los Angeles and India, and as her Instagram suggests, her frequent getaways with Nick Jonas.

For someone so well-traveled, it would be unsurprising to know that the star has nailed the art of packing for just about any destination in the world. But what is it that one can find in the suitcase of Priyanka Chopra Jonas? In a recent interview, the star opened up about her on-flight habits, how she packs, and much more.

What are the five things you’ll always find in Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s carry-on bag?

Given her love for self-pampering sessions, it seems only natural that Chopra Jonas’s carry-on bag usually holds her moisturizer, all of her required scripts, and a book. She also makes sure she has both, a comfortable pair of shoes and a formal pair of shoes on hand. “I usually land and go for a dinner or an event or work, so I’ll always have whatever shoe I need for that,” before also adding, “Weather practicality—because if I’m leaving from Los Angeles and it’s cold in London, then I’ll have a jacket.”

Here’s how Priyanka Chopra Jonas makes sure to pack like a pro

Chopra Jonas, is, as one would imagine, an efficient packer. The actor likes to pack using lists to optimize her time and luggage space. In the interview, she revealed “My travel tip is: Make sure you take two or three basic things, which you can repeat with multiple outfits. Jeans, shoes, bags add a spark to whatever you’re wearing. I go through my days and I know exactly what I need to take. I like to be planned and packed in a way that I wouldn’t need to buy anything in the new city that I go to. Then if I want to, that’s different.”

The underrated destination the star loves traveling to

“I love Singapore, and I absolutely think it’s one of the jewels in Asia’s travel destinations. I love the hospitality in Singapore,” Priyanka Chopra Jonas revealed during her talk, sharing that while people often thought about the country as a great spot for business trips, she loves it for its people and food. “I went there for a movie once and I was there for 40 days and I really got to know the city and the people, and it’s definitely underrated for holidays.” Another spot that she’ll always look forward to visiting? “I love Paris and I’ve been there a million times and can keep going a million times. I usually stay at Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris, and I love the balconies and just sitting outside, having my espresso and watching people go by. Then go down to the lobby and have breakfast at that restaurant and then walk in the cobble[stoned] streets of Paris. I could never get sick of that.” As for her favorite food destination, Montreal takes the cake. “I don’t know why it’s surprising because Montreal has such amazing influences from so many different cultures, but it was a really fun culinary experience,” Chopra Jonas says.

What Priyanka looks forward to the most at hotels

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love little surprises at hotels? For Chopra Jonas, the big thrill is candy. “I love to find a chocolate on my bed and I look at what chocolate it is. I love finding the products in the bathrooms like the Fairmont has Le Labo products, and the fragrances of Le Labo are really nice. It’s really a fun thing to—’Oh!’—discover when you go into the bathroom of a hotel. ‘Oh my gosh, amazing products!'”

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