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Prince Harry on His PTSD Diagnosis: “My Wife Saved Me”

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Prince Harry once again discussed his recently published memoir, Spare, when he sat down with Dr Gabor Maté, a Hungarian-Canadian physician who is specialized in trauma, addiction, stress, and childhood development. The conversation mostly revolved around trauma and healing as the Duke of Sussex revealed his PTSD diagnosis and talked about both, the support he has received from his wife, Meghan Markle, and how he wants to raise his children differently.

Charles and Diana with their sons Prince William and Prince Harry in 1986. Photo: Getty

As the two discussed the experiences that have defined Harry’s life – Princess Diana‘s death in a car crash when he was just 12 or his stint in Afghanistan with the British army – the prince revealed that he had always “felt different to the rest of the family”. He seems to relate to his late mother in this case: “I felt strange being in this container, and I know that my mum felt the same so it makes sense to me.” This growing estrangement with his own family combined with a lack of affection in the royal household led to a life that was riddled with substance abuse and mental health issues, he explains.

Dr Maté suggested that the Duke may be suffering from disorders such as ADD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression as a result of all the “trauma and suffering.” At this point, Prince Harry revealed that his therapist has already diagnosed him with PTSD. As someone who has been trying to be more open about his mental health, the reveal does not come as a surprise. The prince has been adamant about raising awareness for mental health in recent years, especially through his memoir. He told Dr Maté that he views the book as an “act of service” hoping that will help others speak up about mental health.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with son Archie. Photo: Getty

His wife, Meghan Markle, seems to have been a pillar of support throughout this ordeal with Prince Harry telling Maté that “my wife saved me, I was stuck in this world and she was from a different world and helped draw me out of that.” He goes on to call her an “exceptional human being” and said that “I am eternally grateful [for her].”

The prince went on to talk about how his childhood in “a broken home” had inspired him to do better when it came to his children – Archie and Lilibet. Desperate to keep them sheltered from the experiences of his upbringing he makes an effort to “smother them with love.” Harry admitted that “I feel a huge responsibility not to pass on any trauma or negative experiences that I’ve had as a kid or as a man growing up… There are times when I catch myself when I should smothering them with that love but I might not be.”

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