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Pictures: Zendaya Was Spotted Wearing a Ring With Tom Holland’s Initials

Zendaya has been wearing a very special piece of jewelry lately. Before you get too excited, it’s not a diamond, though it seems just as significant as a sparkler on that finger.

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Fans noticed the Euphoria star’s new gold signet ring in a recent pic of her manicure. The emerald green square-shaped nails are gorgeous, of course, but it’s the ring that really catches our eye since it’s etched with two very important initials: “T” and “H,” as in Tom Holland, her boyfriend and Spider-Man co-star. Z wore the circular signet ring on her middle finger, not her ring finger, but the sentiment is just as meaningful. Signet rings were traditionally engraved with a family crest or personal emblem to seal documents but have since become more of an heirloom piece or a sentimental reminder of a significant life event or a memento of someone you love.

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Zendaya and Tom keep a relatively low profile despite their megastardom; sure, they’re occasionally photographed together on dates, but they don’t attend red carpets as a couple and rarely share photos of one another on social media. Zendaya did give Tom a shoutout after she won her Emmy, publicly calling him her boyfriend for the first time ever, and Tom commented on a picture of his partner with a series of heart-eye emojis.

The signet ring is a sweet, timeless shoutout to Tom and clearly means a lot to Zendaya. The subtle nod to her relationship is very typical of the couple, who values (and deserves) their privacy. Maybe one day Z will be wearing a different kind of ring next to her “TH” signet, but Tom and Zendaya do things their way, so we’ll have to keep a close eye on their jewelry in the future.

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