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This Unique Hotel in Paris is as Intriguing as it is Chic

Sinner hotel 1

Sinner hotel masterfully blends heritage, history, glamour, and mystery all within one unique Parisian property, proudly breaking the ‘rules’ of a typical luxury hotel. Located in the heart of the lively, eclectic 3 Marais area, it offers its own take on the city, yet still celebrates a vision of style.

Sinner has been designed to draw the guest in at every level. Would it be wrong to say that a hotel has a personality? Because this one certainly does. Entwined with the history of the Marais and plunging into the domains of art, architecture, fashion, music, and design — a sense of buzz and intrigue resonates behind the properties iconic stained-glass windows.

By living by the standards of a fine hotel—excellence, flexibility, attention to detail, and genuine service—Sinner draws in artistic types, urban explorers, and individualistic wanderers who are interested in discovering a different idea of a luxury hotel with a new, disruptive take on what that means. Winding corridors with an almost sacred, quietly opulent atmosphere simply illuminated by the play of light through stained glass windows which decorate the walls absorb the glow of lanterns that lead each guest to their room.

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Red doors with knockers and peepholes inspired by carriage porches reveal 43 bedrooms and suites, each of which reflects the distinctive character of this hotel. The materials – velvet, wood and terra cotta – and also the carefully selected art are a gesture to the artistic definition of this gem. The entire atmosphere is an invitation to the senses, interplaying interesting materials with a meticulous curation.

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To top off the allure, dining at Sinner is also sure to be an unforgettable experience. Chef Adam Bentalha has designed an ethnic menu for guests inspired by the sights, sounds and flavors of Kanoun in North Africa. By drawing inspiration from street food, from the desert and South America, he offers a diverse culinary range. Expect an atmosphere of genuine, sociable simplicity. Patisserie Chef Yann Brys (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) will also whisk you away to far-off places with his divine dessert creations infused with the flavors of exotic continents.

Revealing spectacular spaces and views of the restaurant, the Sinner Bar is a representation of the avant-garde creativity of its surrounding streets. It combines an open space with an enticing and opulent atmosphere, and you’ll find privacy in an exclusive and more intimate room hidden behind curtains. Cocktails inspired by Latin mysticism showcase the best that the cultures and seasons have to offer. The menu, which is intentionally short and balanced with around ten “creations” that use only the freshest products, and 100% homemade infusions are expertly created on the spot.

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The hotel’s most private area is hidden behind a door studded with forged nails. Discover this well-kept secret, featuring a pool inspired by Greek and Roman baths, as you enjoy a treatment on your own or with a partner.  This mysterious yet sociable place, named Ablutio, is designed for conversation, dreamy languor and the (re)awakening of the senses. True to its vision of private and unique luxury, it offers exclusive face and body treatments, drawing its expertise from the hands of experts in lasting wellness.

Revel in a stay at Sinner and enter a world of contrasts that sum up the unique spirit of Paris: that little something special in its architecture, its living heritage, with a touch of whimsy and edgy elegance. In short, a living, breathing experiential stay in an urban hideaway awaits.

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